Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Shaheen Surprise!

Back in January I had one of those moments in vintage shopping most girls hope for…a surprise Shaheen! I found this skirt at an antique store in town and thought it was a great price already since I loved the print so much. Then I decided to flip the hem up when I got home and saw it, clear as day…Alfred Shaheen! It was my lucky day!

I've already gotten a lot of wear out of it these past few months and love to pair it with one of my favorite jewelry sets as of late from Kitschy Witch!

Trader Vic's, Emeryville

With Melanie at Forbidden Island back in January

I may have gotten this Shaheen for a steel but then recently bought a playsuit at regular price. Oh well…for every steal you end up buying something at full price. Perhaps this skirt will have to accompany me to more tiki bars on our trip down south!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A great night of music at Slim's!

Hello there! Been a while since I have done any blog posting but was inspired from the fun we had this past weekend. It was the return of the The Badmen, Hayride to Hell, The Hellbillys, and the farewell Bay Area show for the Chop Tops at Slim's in San Francisco. I had such a great time! How often is it you go to a show and all four bands are awesome! I was having flashbacks to my late teens when I first saw the Chop Tops at a Santa Cruz house party in the late 90s and to further add to the nostalgia I started going to shows at Slim's when I was in high school. My first rockabilly show there was Greaseball ‘97. I can remember seeing flyers for the very first Viva at that show! Anyone remember Greaseball? It would be so fun if that came back! What really added to the excitement for the night was getting to see Ben on stage again with The Badmen. I was so proud! They sounded so good!!! And I swear not just because I’m married to one of them. I actually cannot wait until their next show!

The Chop Tops around 1998, I think...

Ben found the poster back stage for the Radiohead show we went to there in 1995.  
It cost $12 and wasn't even sold out!



Hayride to Hell!


The Chop Tops!

Ben caught Zach and I enjoying the show...

This show helped to ease my sadness at not going to Viva this year. I guess I’ll survive without a year of Viva but we will be at the Rockabilly Rockout in October for sure!  Also helping to ease my pain is our trip to LA next week! I am even more excited now to see that two great shows at Viva Cantina will be on while we are there! It will be our own mini Viva substitute.  I really hope we can make it to both!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Empress of China and Charles Phoenix in San Francisco!

What a night this was! Not only were we seeing the Charles Phoenix Retro Holiday Slide Show, we finally got to experience the Empress of China before it closes its doors at the end of the year. Now that we saw it in all its glory, I am even more sad than I was before about it closing. I agree with Charles Phoenix when he said it is the ‘best Chinese restaurant in the world!’ There is so much going on from the ballroom where the slide show was to the bar and restaurant…multiple floors of amazing-ness!

Of course the slide show was fabulous as always! It was fun seeing it in a different venue other than Viva Las Vegas where we usually see him. I am so glad we got to catch it since we will not be at Viva in 2015. I sadly do not have photos of him in all his paisley suited awesomeness but you can find loads of photos on Instagram of other lucky guests who managed to grab a photo with him. His suits are always such a highlight!

I tried to snap as many photos of the place as I could since it will be our only time there. So many beautiful details! Without further ado...behold! The Empress of China!

Jayne Mansfield and the man who opened the place, Kee Joon!  
Not sure how she managed to keep that dress in place...

How did I not know about this fabulous happy hour all these years?!?!

With Jodi...

Zach and Ben

View from the bar window

Hope these guys have their future home sorted out!

Empress Mai Tai before the show

Hooray!  Showtime!

Ready for dinner after the show.  I opted for the Empress Martini.

We were seated next to the window for dinner and had an amazing view!  
That's Coit Tower way off in the distance.

The wall of awards...

Cheers to you, Empress of China!  You will be missed!