Thursday, December 29, 2011

And so it goes…My first attempt at a blog…

Since Ben and I are still Facebook hold outs, I thought I would start up a little blog so that I could keep track of the stuff we do and have some place to share it. Not sure how often I will get around to posting items but my down time during the holidays seemed the perfect time to get started. I decided to name my blog “Like a Tree in the Desert” since this is how my beloved Grandpa T. used to describe his sister-in-law (my Nantie). Nantie was someone who would wear a hat and gloves no matter where she went (a fur to McDonald’s…why not?). She was rather eccentric and always dressed to the tee. She was an amazing woman and had a collection of clothing dating back to who knows when that you would not believe! And all in immaculate condition! I am fortunate to have some of her items, such as her faux leopard coat from the ‘60s she gave me when she was still alive. She wore it on her first trip to Mexico. I often wear her Ray Bans that I was lucky enough to get as well. She had style! Can’t forget to mention her taste in cars. A ’56 black Thunderbird, a ’60 pink Cadillac convertible…Wish I could have given her a ride in my ’65 Thunderbird. I think she would have approved.

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