Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This past weekend...

Some fun things this weekend...

Friday night dinner at Ole's

Amazing vegetarian omelet and the best coffee!

Then on to American Oak (formerly Barceluna)
for a whiskey sour and a manhattan. They make amazing cocktails!

Harrington Saints at John Patrick's ruled as usual...

Couldn't get close enough for a good photo of the band...

Saturday night we were off to the Michaan Theater for MST3K By the Bay.
This is a light fixture in the lobby of the restored theater...

The theater was beautiful!

Not the best photo but you can make out Tom Servo.
Someone actually had Crow as well!

Snapped this of Ben and my nephew Liam at my brother's birthday.
Didn't get a chance to get one with my other rad nephew Colin.

MST3K by the bay was great. We only stayed for the first feature but it was well worth it! Keeping my fingers crossed they do more.

Now we are looking forward to the Winter KraftBrew Fest in San Jose this Saturday!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Road Zombies Car Club Night

Each year the Road Zombies Car Club hosts a dinner for car clubs in Brisbane at D'Marcos. I have not been to this in a few years but this year the Radiator Hoes decided get together and go! Long overdue! We do not get to see each other that often anymore with all that is going on in everyone's lives. So nice to spend some time together!

Helen, Bonnie & Amber
Now that looks better. Can't forget the beer!
Bon Bon, Swiskee, Midge & D.P.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Harrington Saints - Friday the 20th!

The day before MST3K By the Bay, go to this!

MST3K By the Bay

Ben and I were down the street at Lucky 13 one weekend and the lovely bartender handed us a flyer for MST3K By the Bay!

I was so excited! After all, I was a card carrying member of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan club in the 90's! For those of you not familiar, MST3K was basically where a guy who was sent into space (either Joel or Mike, depending on when the episode was) and the robots he built on his spaceship to keep him company were forced to watch cheesy movies. They make comments throughout the entire movie, including the credits, that are hilarious!

This edition of MST3K By the Bay is taking place Saturday, January 21, at the restored Michaan Theater on the old navy base here in Alameda. I am very excited to see the theater as well since we have never been. This is a 21+ event and tickets must be purchased in advance. Lucky 13 will be serving beer and food will be served as well by Scolari's. It is a double feature but I usually can never last through two movies in one setting. The first is an actual MST3K episode and the second is just the movie so you can comment for yourself. Are you as witty as Tom Servo or Crow????

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Viva Las Vegas 2012

It is that time of year again…the prep for Viva Las Vegas has begun. When I realized it is just over three months away, I panicked and bought a dress and some jeans since I had not bought anything new since last year. I always feel so unprepared yet it seems that preparation is all I do in the months prior; making lists, planning outfits, etc. I am rather excited this year about seeing the Big Six for the first time in probably 13 years or so. I remember seeing them some time in the late ‘90s in San Francisco. Who can forget those matching plaid suits! The Planet Rockers and Jack Baymoore are also a couple of our favorites as well as the Bellfuries. Always a pleasure to hear them play. And then this year...The Polecats! Super excited about that. Can't wait to see Boz Boorer (not just because he plays with Morrissey, he is an extremely talented musician and produces a lot of great music). There are many other bands in the lineup that I could go on about as well, but I just wanted to hit on a hand full.So glad the schedule is out on the viva website now!

I cannot forget to mention the Charles Phoenix slideshow. This guy is great! We saw him the first time he came to Viva and were in stitches from laughing so hard. Definitely a must see!

It is crazy when I think about how long Viva has been going. Ben and I went to our first Viva in 2000. We skipped the first two since I was not yet 21 and we did not realize that I probably could have gone underage in those early years. Back then we had the Greaseball in San Francisco which tided me over until I got to Viva in 2000. I am amazed as how much it has grown over the years. Definitely an improvement that it has been moved to the Orleans. The Gold Coast just was not big enough to hold it any more. I remember the last Viva I went to when it was still at the Gold Coast and it was damn near impossible to get a drink. Now we all know that with the Viva crowd, that is unacceptable! The Orleans has a pretty good selection of craft brews which makes Ben very happy. They also have plenty of places for him to watch the Sharks games that will inevitably be on while we are there.

The countdown is on. Happy planning everyone and we’ll see you in April!

Below are some photos of Vivas past. I am not sure the year on everything but I'll start with the most recent. (The old ones were actual photos, not digital, that were scanned)

The almighty Big Elvis at Bills! Highly recommend!

Margarita Madness
Definitely an end of the night shot years ago
with my good friend Nishone!

Me & Ben...geeze, I had some blonde hair!

Back when I always had one of these in my hand...
sure glad I quit close to 8 years ago!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is also Ben’s birthday which is much more important to us. Last year we started the tradition of flying for his birthday. He has his private pilot’s license and of course flying is one of his favorite things in the world to do. What better way to spend his birthday. Despite how scary being up in a tiny plane people might think it is, it is actually not scary at all. It helps to know the pilot and how skilled he is. I have to admit to getting a bit of a fright last year when we went. I had not been up in 10 years with him and my door opened during takeoff. The planes are not necessarily the latest and the greatest so there was some weather stripping hanging down that prevented the door from closing securely. Turns out I did not need to be worried. Some people remove the doors on those planes for a variety of purposes. I was actually able to open the window and slam the door shut while up in the air, though I did expect the door to fly back open on every steep turn we did. Thankfully it did not so all was well. Sure makes for a great story!

Unfortunately this year, we only made it as far as the runway in the plane. We got out to the runway and Ben noticed it was running a bit rough and tried to clear the spark plugs. Even though we may have been fine, he decided to taxi back and not go up. Not worth going up if you have any doubt even though it proably would have been ok. I felt so bad he didn't get to fly on his birthday though.

We just hung around our place for the evening with some friends so that absolutely no driving was involved. Who wants to be a designated driver on New Year’s Eve? Not to forget all of the other crazy people out on the roads that evening.

Cessna 152

Captain Ben

Runway at Hayward Airport

Pre-flight Check

Birthday Lunch at Otaez
New Year's Eve Outfit

New Year's Day Tradition - Thai Food!