Thursday, January 12, 2012

MST3K By the Bay

Ben and I were down the street at Lucky 13 one weekend and the lovely bartender handed us a flyer for MST3K By the Bay!

I was so excited! After all, I was a card carrying member of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan club in the 90's! For those of you not familiar, MST3K was basically where a guy who was sent into space (either Joel or Mike, depending on when the episode was) and the robots he built on his spaceship to keep him company were forced to watch cheesy movies. They make comments throughout the entire movie, including the credits, that are hilarious!

This edition of MST3K By the Bay is taking place Saturday, January 21, at the restored Michaan Theater on the old navy base here in Alameda. I am very excited to see the theater as well since we have never been. This is a 21+ event and tickets must be purchased in advance. Lucky 13 will be serving beer and food will be served as well by Scolari's. It is a double feature but I usually can never last through two movies in one setting. The first is an actual MST3K episode and the second is just the movie so you can comment for yourself. Are you as witty as Tom Servo or Crow????

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