Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This past weekend...

Some fun things this weekend...

Friday night dinner at Ole's

Amazing vegetarian omelet and the best coffee!

Then on to American Oak (formerly Barceluna)
for a whiskey sour and a manhattan. They make amazing cocktails!

Harrington Saints at John Patrick's ruled as usual...

Couldn't get close enough for a good photo of the band...

Saturday night we were off to the Michaan Theater for MST3K By the Bay.
This is a light fixture in the lobby of the restored theater...

The theater was beautiful!

Not the best photo but you can make out Tom Servo.
Someone actually had Crow as well!

Snapped this of Ben and my nephew Liam at my brother's birthday.
Didn't get a chance to get one with my other rad nephew Colin.

MST3K by the bay was great. We only stayed for the first feature but it was well worth it! Keeping my fingers crossed they do more.

Now we are looking forward to the Winter KraftBrew Fest in San Jose this Saturday!

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