Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Silly...

Been driving the bird to work lately and the other day someone at the office parked their smart car next to me. It just looked so funny I couldn't resist snapping this photo...

Oscar Night

Had a couple of Oscar parties to go to this past weekend. We got in our fancy dress and hopped in the TBird and headed to the first one at American Oak. After a couple of champagne cocktails there we headed to our second destination, our friends' bar, Swell!

Other people were taking photos so hopefully I end up with one of Ben and I together. In the meantime, here is what I have...

Finally had an opportunity to wear this again...

Ben driving the bird to American Oak...

Then on to Swell!
Zach-a-roni & Ben...Jodi decided to duck out on this one...

Ev, Amy, Julie, Gray & moi...

The Oscar goes too...

Julie won best dressed...super glamorous!

My bird and Gray's fabulous pink Swell-mobile!

New Home

Ben and I found a larger, cheaper apartment and are just loving it! Built in 1937, wood floors, large built in with cabinets and multiple shelves, walking distance to our favorite bars...what is not to like? And to top it off, there is a cactus garden out front! And Ben is thrilled to have a proper, one car garage to work on the scooters in. The unit only shares one wall so thankfully no one is above or below us. We also now have a working fireplace! Ben finally got to build our first fire Monday night. Now it is on to the details...curtains, hanging pictures, etc. The list keeps on growing!

Ben prepping for the first fire...

Hooray! Our first beautiful fire!

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Uptown Upcoming Shows ~ Deke Dickerson (3/9) & The Skatalites (4/27)

So glad that there is a good live music venue so close to home in the East Bay. We used to always have to drive to San Francisco and though it is close, crossing the bridge and trying to find parking can be a nightmare. I wonder how much of our time was spent hunting for parking when we used to go to the Elbow Room in the mission every wednesday back when the weekly rockabilly shows were still happening.

I have always had good experiences when we have gone to gigs at The Uptown in Oakland. Tickets are reasonably priced, bartenders are friendly and it never has taken too long to get served. And they have a screen up in the bar area that shows the band so you do not have to miss anything when you go to grab a drink. The next show we are going to is on Friday, March 9th, when Deke Dickerson plays (with supporting bands The RevTones and The B Stars). We've seen him several times over the years but it has been a while since the last time and with tickets only $12 in advance and the venue just a short drive to Oakland, how can we not go? Nice little pre-Viva gig to get us in the spirit!

I have to remember to check The Uptown's site more often. Just yesterday I looked and found three more shows we want to go to. Two do not have tickets for sale yet but one does...The Skatalites! We'll be seeing them Friday, April 27th. Tickets are $17 in advance. I grabbed the following photo of them from the website for The Uptown.

I love how I was able to buy us tickets for both shows and even with $11.50 in service charges it was still less than how much I have spent on one ticket for other concerts in the past. Now I am just waiting for tickets to go on sale for the other two shows we want to go to...Harrington Saints on 3/25 and the Polecats on 6/7!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alameda Antique Faire

Took a break from moving house a few weekends ago and went to the antique faire at Alameda Point. I can’t believe this is only the second time I have been there in all the years we have lived in Alameda. Anything you desire can be found there and if you enjoy people watching, this is the place to be. It is not a flea market, so I do not expect to get insane deals, plus I am not one for bargaining. Thankfully the friends I was with are into trying to get a better deal so in one case I saved $10 thanks to them. I came home with three great items: a nice little pot for my front porch, a 49er jacket, and a beautiful orange carved bakelite bangle! I am definitely going back next time to try and find the vendor with the bakelite again. She had some stunning pieces. She was firm on the prices but I do not blame her at all. Can’t wait to go back, hopefully next month!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter KraftBrew Fest in San Jose

This past weekend was full of good beer with good friends...our favorite! Ben and I headed down to San Jose on Saturday to go with Jen and Tomek to the Winter KraftBrew Fest held at the Landmark Ballroom. It was fantastic! Not sure how many beers we sampled. Everything tasted so good. There were a ton of people there but we were still able to move around and not have to wait too long for a beer. There was live music that was great. The evening ended with the Pimpsticks performing. Really entertaining! Especially with the floor show given by a couple of our friends dancing for everyone (not to mention jumping on stage as well!). After the beer festival we headed to another one of our favorite spots when we are in the south bay, Trials pub. I have never had a bad experience there and the veggie curry is awesome! Perfect way to end the day.

photo Jen took for the metroMe & Jen

Me & Stacy
Ben and Tomek

The Pimpsticks!

cuttin' a rug

another photo by Jen

See more photos from the event on the Metro website taken by Jen!