Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter KraftBrew Fest in San Jose

This past weekend was full of good beer with good friends...our favorite! Ben and I headed down to San Jose on Saturday to go with Jen and Tomek to the Winter KraftBrew Fest held at the Landmark Ballroom. It was fantastic! Not sure how many beers we sampled. Everything tasted so good. There were a ton of people there but we were still able to move around and not have to wait too long for a beer. There was live music that was great. The evening ended with the Pimpsticks performing. Really entertaining! Especially with the floor show given by a couple of our friends dancing for everyone (not to mention jumping on stage as well!). After the beer festival we headed to another one of our favorite spots when we are in the south bay, Trials pub. I have never had a bad experience there and the veggie curry is awesome! Perfect way to end the day.

photo Jen took for the metroMe & Jen

Me & Stacy
Ben and Tomek

The Pimpsticks!

cuttin' a rug

another photo by Jen

See more photos from the event on the Metro website taken by Jen!

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