Friday, March 30, 2012

Madness at the Warfield - April 19th!

Got a text last night from some friends buying tickets to Madness and they got us tickets, too! I had absolutely no idea that Madness was even coming to the bay area. Lucky to have such good friends to think of us. I cannot even remember how long ago it was that we saw them in Oakland at Henry J. Kaiser. Guaranteed to be a fantastic show!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sharks Game & The Business

What a weekend we had. I am so exhausted! Saturday we headed down to San Jose hitting up the Duke of Edinburgh along the way for lunch and a couple of pints. We’ve been going there for more than 10 years but rarely go any more since we live in Alameda and it is in an odd location in Cupertino near Valco mall. Ben was in heaven with his fish ’n’ chips and I had an amazing vegetarian pasty. Went well with the pints of Fullers ESB that we had. Mmmmm…

Next stop we went to check into the Hotel De Anza. Too bad the décor is not the original inside from the 1930s but it is still very nice inside and in the perfect location for going to the Sharks game. The exterior of the building is gorgeous. Before the game, we walked down to another one of our favorite pubs, Trials. We were a bit early since they open at 5:00 so we killed time having one at the German restaurant next door, Teske's. Really enjoyed the bar in there as well. After hitting there and Trials, we started our walk to the shark tank to see the game. We had really great seats and they won in a shootout! Following the game we hung out at the Hedley located in our hotel. I felt terribly under dressed as it was apparently a Mad Men themed night and people were super dressed up. I cannot get over some of the high heels these girls were wearing. The Pimpsticks were playing so the music was great. Definitely going to try to catch the next Sinatra night that happens every year there.

Sunday before leaving San Jose I talked Ben into letting me check out Park Place Vintage in Willow Glen. I have not been to this place in years. I did not have too much luck in the clothing department (seems every dress I picked up was made for someone much, much shorter than myself) but we did find a couple of shirts for Ben and one for me as well. They also had a lot of great household items I was tempted by.

I was already way too tired but we had tickets to see The Business Sunday night in Oakland at the Uptown. Fantastic show! I had never seen The Business and Ben had not seen them in 15 years. Hardly got any sleep and work on Monday was torture but it was worth it to see such a great show and get to run into so many friends there as well!

Looking forward to resting this week. Got to prepare for Viva Las Vegas next week!

Ben enjoying some ESB at the Duke...

Exterior shot (stolen from Destination 360 site)

Our lovely room...

At Teske's...

Bump it...

The Shark tank...

Gee, only $17 for two beers...


Jen and I at the Hedley (look closely and you can see Tomek's head)

Taking advantage of 'raid our pantry' at the hotel. That saved us...almost!

Harrington Saints!

The Business!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Full weekend coming up...

Heading down to San Jose Saturday. For a christmas gift Ben's parents gave us Sharks tix plus a night at The De Anza hotel! That hotel is so fabulous and I cannot wait to stay there. Couple of my closest friends will meet up with us as well so I am super excited!

Then Sunday evening we head to the Uptown to catch Harrington Saints open for The Business. Should be a great night!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

St Patrick’s Day was quite a lot of fun. We walked over to Swell since not only was it a celebration for St. Patrick’s Day, but it was the 1 year anniversary since our friends took over the bar. I wish I had before and after photos. The place is unrecognizable from what it was before they got their hands on it. They have done an amazing job! There was a great turn out and we got to see a lot of friends. Seems to me everyone was having a great time!

Got a head start before we left with a wee bit o' scotch...

Ben and Jon decided to kilt it up!

Me 'n' Leah

More mayhem...

Look closely and their hands spell S-W-E-L-L!

Brunch at Hobnob the next day with Eric, Nishone & Alana was just what we needed!

Magical mimosas and a tofu scramble...always super yummy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Deke at the Uptown

Went to see Deke Dickerson at the Uptown last Friday and had a blast! Really enjoyed the B Stars as well. Looking forward to seeing them again soon! Glad to see a decent turn out for the show as well. My band photos are not very good since I was standing near the back but you get the idea.

me 'n' joann...

ben 'n' darrel (see darrel's band, Harrington Saints, at the uptown the 25th!)

the b stars!

deke dickerson!

fancy upside down guitar solo!

special guest star dancer. we saw him play speisekammer recently and it was great (Mitch Polzac and the Resonators)

March Alameda Antique Faire

Hit up the antique faire again with the crew at the beginning of the month. Came home with a couple of items. The weather was amazing (unlike the horrible weather we are currently having). Perfect for the amazing lemonade from the knish stand! And this time I saw that there was a guy with a creme brulee cart. I must try that next time!

I have a vase and two ashtrays that have a green background with the same design so I could not resist this small vase with the blue background...

I justified this by telling myself I did not have any carved green bakelite yet, and not a singe pierced carved piece so I just had to have it...

Friday, March 9, 2012


Been so looking forward to the weekend after the busy week I have had. Get to start it off right tonight at the Uptown to catch Deke Dickerson along with the Rev Tones and the B Stars!