Sunday, May 6, 2012


April 27th we went to see the Skatalites at the Uptown. It was fantastic! We started the evening off by hopping on the Vespa, along with a Darrel and Joann on their scooter, and heading over to First and Last Chance Saloon in Jack London. Thankfully our friend had a spare helmet since mine wasn’t at the house so I was able to ride with Ben. I had the best time on the ride! Ben has been on some east bay scooter email list for some time now and heard they would be starting at First and Last for an evening ride so we wanted to check that out before heading to the show. There were a handful of Vespas and Lambrettas and everyone seemed really down to earth and friendly. After a couple drinks there, we got back on the scooters and headed for the Uptown. I cannot believe we were, I think, practically the only people who rode scooters to the Skatalites show. There may have been one more I saw down the street but come on! Perhaps some people hid theirs. I cannot blame people for being nervous about their bikes but we went ahead and parked on the sidewalk. Of course Ben did run out to check on them a couple of times as well. We enjoyed both opening acts. I cannot remember the name of the second act but the first was The Champions. Once the Skatalites started, we had to stand at the very back so there was no way I was going to get any good pictures so I only have some random photos from that night. The last photo is a silly one of me in the helmet I had to borrow. We couldn’t resist stopping by Swell for last call on the way home and Ben insisted I put the helmet back on for a photo.
My handsome husband...
Ben, Darrel and Joann
Neon sign at First and Last Chance...

 Opening band from last night, The Satisfactions...

What a great couple of weeks for shows…Madness one week, the Skatalites the next! And it doesn’t stop.  Last night we caught our friends the Harrington Saints at John Patrick’s in Alameda and upcoming shows include The B-Stars (Tiki Trio) at Forbidden Island May 17th, Morrissey in Stockton on the 26th, Marti Brom at the Verdi Club on June 1st, The Polecats (with supporting act This Charming Band) at the Uptown June 7th, and then the Jesus and Mary Chain at the Fillmore June 14th! What’s next?!?!

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