Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vintage Fashion Faire

Friday evening was the preview party for the Vintage Fashion Faire being held at the Officers' Club on the former naval base here in Alameda, also known as the O Club. I have been looking forward to this for quite some time as I had not yet been and had heard good things. I headed there with a couple of friends, armed with my measuring tape and fingers crossed for a good find.  St. Georges Spirits was there providing a special cocktail being served by none other than my old friend Andie! A delicious concoction made with fresh strawberries and absinthe, among other things.  It was a successful evening as we each walked out with a thing or two.  I only bought one item since I was not getting paid until midnight.  No problem though since I returned Saturday by myself and found some great things!  Some of the vendors had outrageous prices but thankfully there were others that were rather reasonable.

 Me and Joann

Joann and Monique

Me and Andie

My first purchase Friday evening, another hand painted Mexican circle skirt to add to the collection.  Saw practically the same skirt for $100 more from another vendor.

I love the fabric of this skirt!  Though it does not show in the photo, 
the whole skirt is covered with little gold specs.

I was amazed to actually find something like this for less than $100 since it seems anything remotely Hawaiian has a price tag of $200 or more lately.  Was able to get it for $15 less what they were asking as well!

It does not look like this cardigan was ever worn!  Bought this from the same vendor I bought the painted skirt from Friday evening.  He had the most reasonable prices of anyone there.

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