Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Viva Las Vegas 2012 Round Up

Had an amazing time once again at Viva Las Vegas this year!  Already made our hotel reservations for next year.  Usually I do that upon checkout but this time I didn’t waste any time and booked next year as we were checking in.  Loved that our room was on the 3rd floor and faced the pool.  We were able to just look out our window at all of the craziness at the pool party.  Very entertaining!  Here is a day by day taste of our activities at this year’s Viva!

We landed at 11:00 and headed straight over to McMullen’s Irish Pub across the way after dropping our bags in our room. This place always saves us.  It is a great pub and has really good food.  Being vegetarian in Vegas is not the easiest thing when looking for convenience so once I found out they had a veggie burger I knew I always had someplace to go where my only choice was not mozzarella sticks. They even had a veggie curry!  After lunch we continued with our Thursday tradition and took the shuttle to Bill’s Gambling Hall to catch another performance from Big Elvis.  Enjoyed him as we always do.  I also rather enjoyed the $2 margaritas!  We then finally checked out Sin City Brewery in the Flamingo hotel.  Tried finding this place last year with no luck.  A pitcher costs less than two beers so the choice was easy.  It was then time to head back to the Orleans to get ready for the evening and have dinner.
Pre-flight cocktail...
Big Elvis
Jodi and Zach being silly!

Woke up feeling great and ready to take on another day.  After some lunch, we decided we finally needed to go to Frankie’s tiki bar.  We have been putting this off forever now since it is a pricey cab ride over there (roughly $20 each way) but we now know the cab ride it completely worth it!  Thankfully, we got there before the rest of the world decided to show up.  It was no trouble at all finding a seat or getting a drink when we arrived.  A different story when we wanted to order our next round and buy our souvenir mugs.  Seems Friday was the day to go so it ended up with a line form the bar to the door and only one poor bartender.  We gave up on a second drink and headed back to the Orleans.  After spending a bit at the pool party we headed in to change for the evening since we had to catch one of our absolute, most favorite events, the Charles Phoenix Slide Show at 5:00!  He was hilarious as usual.  We left there even more excited to see his next show on Sunday. 
We got a bit sidetracked after dinner since my stupid ATM card does not work in those little casino ATMs. So after trying several times, we headed to the gas station to try theirs.  No luck there but thankfully, the attendant told us there was an actual B of A right by there.  Of course the ATM could not dispense cash so we had to walk through the drive up ATMs.  What fun.  After all of that, Ben figured it best to stop back into McMullen’s for a bit ’o’ whiskey.  There was free music that Friday so we got to enjoy that before heading back to the Orleans for rest of the night.
Ben, Zach, Scott & his brother...

Typical shoes off walk to the room to change into flats...
One of the best parts of the weekend, The Planet Rockers!

Amazing, we again woke up feeling fine!  Must be since we no longer stay up until 5 a.m. like we used to at Vivas past.  I figured the best thing to do first was to get shopping out of the way.  I tried on a handful of dresses with no luck.  I finally found a 1940s dress I liked.  Some guy from the local news stopped me but thankfully they did not use the footage with me in it.  I warned the guy I am not good on camera!  After giving up on clothing I headed to the Sounds That Swing booth to buy some CDs.  I always like buying from them as I used to shop there in Camden and always try to stop by there when we make our trips to London.  After shopping, we went by the car show to catch some music.  The sun was so intense we did not last long.  After catching a couple songs of Duane Eddy, we headed back to the pool party to meet up with some friends.  It was nice to actually relax for a bit and drink some tiki drinks out of coconuts in the shade.  Those hurricanes the bartenders were mixing were no joke!  After relaxation it was time to change into evening wear since the rest of the evening was packed with bands we just had to see.  It all started back again at the car show to see the Polecats.  Thankfully the sun went down so we could really enjoy ourselves. The Polecats were fantastic!  Cannot wait to see them in Oakland this June!  And of course the Big 6 and the Bellfuries were amazing!!!

Duane Eddy
Relaxing with some drinks in coconuts...
The Polecats!  Playing The Uptown in June!
Rosa and I...lurex twins!

 I got to see Katie!
 The Big 6!

The Bellfuries!

Yet another hangover avoided!  We were on a roll this year though we know how Sundays usually end up and we still had Monday morning to deal with.  Charles Phoenix had one more slide show at 5:00 so this was the first main thing we were concerned with, the last being Jack Baymoore at the end of the night.  After the slide show we had a nice dinner.  Then we hung around some more and the cocktails were a flowin’.  Why does Sunday night always end up so crazy!?!?!  Makes sense why I do not have many photos from that night....

Monday morning was brutal!  The weekend caught up with us at that point.  Thankfully we did not have an early flight so we did some relaxing at McMullen’s.  We had to get one more visit to our favorite pub before we left!

I think we have finally recovered now.  Good thing Viva is only once a year!   Already counting down until the next one.

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