Monday, June 18, 2012

Hollywood Trip

Every year we like to take a trip down to Hollywood for the weekend.  Mainly to get our fix of Tiki Ti.  Uga booga!  We start out with driving down 101 and stopping in Pismo so Ben can do some surfing and I can watch him while I drink coffee I bought from the man who runs the gift shop/bait shop/snack shack on the pier.  Unfortunately, the surf was no good in Pismo that day so we stopped but Ben did not get to surf.  After Pismo, we head to Santa Barbara to hit up the Brewhouse and have lunch with some ales.  One year I had the best brown ale of my life there.  Sadly, it had never again been on tap on our return trips.  Still managed to have some very tasty brews though!

After Brewhouse, we stopped at Rincon to see if the surf was any good.  Fortunately there were some waves so Ben headed out a caught a few.  After getting his surf fix, we continued on to our destination…Hollywood!  We always stay at the same motel within walking distance of Tiki Ti.  From there we can also walk to another favorite destination, The Dresden.  Marty and Elayne have been so entertaining each time we go there!

I had not been to the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage in more than 10 years and Ben had never been so that is how we started Saturday.  We both really enjoyed it and there were hardly any people there so we had many parts to ourselves.  My favorite part is the movie memorabilia but there was also a wonderful art exhibition this time, Howard Terpning. 

After Gene Autry, it was on to Hollywood Boulevard to check out a brewery which ended up not opening until 5:00.   Instead, we ate lunch at the Pig and Whistle then had a cocktail at Musso and Franks.  Thankfully our favorite bartender, Manny, was working as usual so we had a lovely Manhattan and a Gimlet.  He was working the very first time I took Ben there (when Quentin Tarantino was also sitting at the corner booth!).  He has been bar tending in Hollywood since, I think, the 50s.  He definitely has some stories to tell I'm sure!

The rest of Saturday involved many more cocktails...Akbar, Tiki Ti again, The Good Luck bar, dinner at El Chavo...Needless to say, we were worn out for the drive home Sunday!  Had a fantastic time as always.
Ben surfing Rincon!

Behold our destination...Tiki Ti!

And next door...El Chavo!

Me and Gene Autry

Just like being in the desert.  Push a button on the saddle and you get 
to be part of your very own western!

Ok, so this is probably geared towards kids but no 
one was around so I could not help myself.

Watch out Ben!

They're comin' for me!

Check out the creepy kid, lower right...

In search of Philip Marlowe...

At Musso and Franks

Tiki Ti, round two!

Soak up that rum from the Ti!

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  1. Yeah!! That's awesome! I want to go to the Gene Autry Museum... fun, fun!