Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Drakes & Forbidden Island Bike Hop

Couple of fun events this weekend.  Started out Saturday by heading over to Drakes in San Leandro for  the release of a couple of their beers, Aroma Coma and Aroma Prieta.  Both were delicious and so was the food we ate from the Doc’s of the Bay food truck on site.  We love the tasting room there (only bad part is you have to drive by walmart to get there since it is behind the shopping center).  Sunday we went to Forbidden Island for their first vintage bike show.  I’m so burned out on car shows so this was a great change of pace.  A ton of bikes showed up.  I fortunately have my mom’s old 50s Schwinn Deluxe Racer back so it was fun to show that off.  Quite a few people were checking it out since I apparently have an internal gear system that is interesting.  Didn’t get to stay for the band later which is too bad since I really like the B-Stars but the music the DJs played throughout the day while we were there was great.  I got the latest FI souvenir mug, the Float mug ($40 which includes a tasty cocktail).  I figured I’d treat myself to an early birthday present and it looks so good next to the rest of our tiki mugs on the shelf it was worth it!  

Cask of Aroma Coma!

Ready for our bike ride to the tiki bar

My Schwinn Deluxe Racer

Captain Boomer!

The boy version of my bike

With Ben and my new floater mug!

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