Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here we go again…

Hooray!  The season has begun.  August 18th we went to watch Arsenal’s first match of the season at Maggie McGarry’s in the city where the Bay Area Gooners meet each match day.  What an amazing turn out at 7:00 am.  The place was packed!  We had unfortunately not been there in quite some time so it was great to be back again watching a match surrounded by fellow supporters (one of my favorite things to do and one of the many things I truly miss about living in London – I also miss not having to get up at the crack of dawn to watch matches).  Arsenal unfortunately did not score and instead tied 0 – 0 with Sunderland. 

After the match everyone gathered out front for a photo.  It was so crowded I did not even bother to try to squeeze in and opted to take a photo of the chaos myself.

This photo of us below is in one of the collage frames of the Bay Area Gooners hanging in the hallway at the pub.  This was probably from one of the first matches we ever went to watch there.  I think it’s from 2007.  Also in the photo is Mark (the whole reason there is a pub for supporters to watch matches at) and his lovely wife.  Such nice people and he does a fantastic job running things, all for the love of Arsenal.

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