Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bones Brigade

Last night we had the privilege of attending the East Bay premiere of the documentary by Stacy Peralta, Bones Brigade, An Autobiography. It all happened at the Grand Lake theatre in Oakland as the start of the Oakland Underground Film Festival.  Tickets were available to the public but did sell out. We would have most likely not even known it was showing at all if it was not for our awesome friends who bought us tickets.  Ben was big into Bones Brigade back in the day and has recently proved he can still draw rat bones.  I never skateboarded but grew up around it in the bay area.  When Ben and I started dating back in ’92 he was a long haired skater. This was going to bring back crazy memories for him and I was super excited to see who would be in attendance.  I knew Tommy Guerrero would probably be there since we see him from time to time around town, as well as Steve Caballero who we have seen at car shows and such, but had no idea who else, so we were very excited to also see Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Jim Thiebaud, and George Powell.  How rad is that?!?!

Powell, McGill, Caballero, Hawk, Guerrero

Tony Hawk was my favorite when I was a kid though I did not really know much about the technical aspect of skateboarding.  My introduction to him came about from watching Gleaming the Cube.  How’s that line go when they are scouting for empty pools from a plane…”there’s my mom’s house, there’s my dad’s house, and there’s my pizza hut!”  From then on, he was me and my friend Chrissy’s favorite.  Not only because he could skate, but because we really liked his hair and thought he was cute.  What do you expect from a couple of 11 year old girls who fell in love with any boy who could surf or skate?  Three years later I would meet my future husband who does both.  Score!  One of my favorite photos of Ben is his 7th grade school photo sporting a Bones Brigade shirt and hair swooped to one side, lightened with sun-in.  Some of my other favorite photos of him are when he is with his crew skating by the white house back in the 80s when he lived near D.C.  Super cool!
We all really enjoyed the film and it was great to see it completely surrounded by other enthusiasts.  And the guys who were there from Bones Brigade were all just a few rows behind us.  It was unreal!  When someone onscreen would land some crazy trick, you would hear all sorts of excited reactions from the audience.  One of the only times I have been ok with people opening their mouths during a film since normally that is one of my absolute pet peeves.  I am looking forward to watching this again sometime and highly recommend it to everyone.  Even if you do not have much interest in skateboarding, it is a very well made documentary.  All of the old footage is fantastic.  There was hardly a moment during the length of the film that I did not have a smile on my face, much of it also stemming from the excitement emanating from Ben.  Two thumbs way up!

That being said, I just have one question...

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