Friday, October 26, 2012

Fred Perry - Subculture Films

The following link takes you to a site with 6 short films about different subcultures from England, beginning with the rockers and ending with the 90's and brit pop.  I enjoyed them all since I have been influenced by things from just about each subculture focused on and it got me even more excited about our trip coming up very soon!

Fred Perry Subculture Films

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nick Waterhouse

I love NPR!  Yesterday while I was listening to it at work they mentioned a gig at Bimbo’s happening tonight, Nick Waterhouse, and played a sample of the music.  I had to look him up right away after that.  Now I am really wishing I had heard him earlier so that I could have made plans to go.  I cannot wait to buy his album, Time’s All Gone.  Even the look of the album cover is perfect!  As I was discussing with a co-worker today, it is so thrilling to find new music in this day and age that we can still get really excited about!

Check him out!

video for "Some Place"

my next album purchase

snagged this photo from different fur studios site

where I would rather be working if I had a choice

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Man Ray – Lee Miller: Partners in Surrealism at Legion of Honor

We were lucky enough to catch this special exhibit over the weekend since it was the last chance to do so.  It was the first time I had been to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.  The Man Ray – Lee Miller show was amazing.  Of course no photography was allowed so I will struggle to remember all that we saw and, thanks to the internet, be able to post them here.  Our favorite was a solarized portrait Man Ray did of Lee Miller.  It is so beautiful.  We were also really interested in Lee Miller’s war correspondent card.  She was the only woman allowed to move freely around Europe to photograph World War II.  Her image of a dead SS soldier at Dachau as well as multiple images of the Mayor of Leipzig, his wife and daughter, all lying lifeless after committing suicide were haunting.  Besides photography, there were great drawings in black ink Man Ray had done, my favorite being Couture, a pair of scissors cutting a woman’s body.  It was apparent in the work and letters following their split what agony Man Ray was in from Lee Miller’s absence.

 Legion of Honor

Man Ray's Glass Tears

solarized self portrait

our favorite solarized portrait of Lee Miller

Man Ray's portrait of Marcel Duchamp

La Couture by Man Ray

Lee Miller's war correspondent card

dead ss soldier at Dauchau by Lee Miller

After we finished going through the special exhibit, we toured the rest of the museum.  Got to see a couple El Greco paintings I was not expecting and I loved the gallery of impressionism. 



The size of the Legion of Honor is perfect. Very manageable and you are not completely exhausted after making way though all of the galleries.  The location is nice and since it was a clear day, we enjoyed some amazing views of the bay and Golden Gate bridge.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


One of the main events of a recent, rather full weekend for Ben and I was Oaktoberfest in the Dimond District of Oakland.  We had a great time trying some new beers.  Conveniently there was a bus we could take from Alameda so no need to worry about driving.  I thought it was a great value.  $20 for a mug and 4 beers.  There was a good amount of people there but we never had to wait too long for a beer.  On our way out there was a group of home brewers giving out free samples of what they made which was an added bonus.

Here is what we tried between the two of us:

E.J. Phair Scottish Ale
21st Amendment Saison
Linden Street Oaktoberfest
Shubros Fest Bier
Shubros 680 IPA
Altamonte Session Pale Ale
Altamonte Red IPA
Home brew samples: Belgian Brown & Pale Ale


Our new friend Aretha!  Sweetest puppy ever!

South 1st Fridays – Jason Adams at The Metro

Ben and I went down to San Jose recently after work to check out some art and music.  Of course we had to use that opportunity to hit up Trials for dinner and pints beforehand.  We also got a quick one at a new craft beer bar, Original Gravity.  It was great to see friends I never get to see as well as check out Jason’s work and hear the Odd Numbers play.  It has been years since we’ve seen them.  I came home with a rad print of an Elvis piece by Jason that Jen bought me.  Thank you Jen!  And Stacy has the Morrissey original by Jason for me as well.  Thank you Stacy! My friends spoil me!

gift from Jen

 The Odd Numbers

Stacy & me (forgot to have Ben get one of me with Jen)