Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Man Ray – Lee Miller: Partners in Surrealism at Legion of Honor

We were lucky enough to catch this special exhibit over the weekend since it was the last chance to do so.  It was the first time I had been to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.  The Man Ray – Lee Miller show was amazing.  Of course no photography was allowed so I will struggle to remember all that we saw and, thanks to the internet, be able to post them here.  Our favorite was a solarized portrait Man Ray did of Lee Miller.  It is so beautiful.  We were also really interested in Lee Miller’s war correspondent card.  She was the only woman allowed to move freely around Europe to photograph World War II.  Her image of a dead SS soldier at Dachau as well as multiple images of the Mayor of Leipzig, his wife and daughter, all lying lifeless after committing suicide were haunting.  Besides photography, there were great drawings in black ink Man Ray had done, my favorite being Couture, a pair of scissors cutting a woman’s body.  It was apparent in the work and letters following their split what agony Man Ray was in from Lee Miller’s absence.

 Legion of Honor

Man Ray's Glass Tears

solarized self portrait

our favorite solarized portrait of Lee Miller

Man Ray's portrait of Marcel Duchamp

La Couture by Man Ray

Lee Miller's war correspondent card

dead ss soldier at Dauchau by Lee Miller

After we finished going through the special exhibit, we toured the rest of the museum.  Got to see a couple El Greco paintings I was not expecting and I loved the gallery of impressionism. 



The size of the Legion of Honor is perfect. Very manageable and you are not completely exhausted after making way though all of the galleries.  The location is nice and since it was a clear day, we enjoyed some amazing views of the bay and Golden Gate bridge.

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