Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nick Waterhouse

I love NPR!  Yesterday while I was listening to it at work they mentioned a gig at Bimbo’s happening tonight, Nick Waterhouse, and played a sample of the music.  I had to look him up right away after that.  Now I am really wishing I had heard him earlier so that I could have made plans to go.  I cannot wait to buy his album, Time’s All Gone.  Even the look of the album cover is perfect!  As I was discussing with a co-worker today, it is so thrilling to find new music in this day and age that we can still get really excited about!

Check him out!

video for "Some Place"

my next album purchase

snagged this photo from different fur studios site

where I would rather be working if I had a choice

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  1. OMG - I'm going tonight! I wish you guys could go!