Tuesday, November 20, 2012

UK Trip Part I: Glasgow

The first of eight installments on our recent trip to England and Scotland...

Ben and I had an amazing time on our trip to Scotland and England.  He is such an amazing trip planner!  We began by flying in to Glasgow to spend two nights before picking up the rental car.  This was our first time to Glasgow.  We spent the evening at a few pubs and did not have the energy to do much more since we had to recover from the journey over.  As for pubs, we hit up The Horseshoe and the Pot Still that night and had our first taste of some whisky to start the trip off right.

The best way to make the most of the second day which was the one full day we had there was to take the hop on/hop off bus tour, also highly recommended by a friend of ours that had just been to Glasgow.  We stayed on the bus for the most part to take in as many sights as we could but did get off at one stop to visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum and to have some lunch and finally try some beer at Brew Dog.  The museum has an actual WWII Spitfire that Ben wanted to see suspended from the ceiling.  Very cool to see one in real life.  They also had an enormous pipe organ up on the balcony that someone was playing when we walked in which sounded amazing.  Brew Dog was conveniently located directly across the street.  We had attempted to go to Brew Dog in Camden when we went to London last year but it was not yet open so we have been waiting quite some time to finally go to one of their pubs.  Perfect the first one we go to is in Scotland as that is where their brewery is based.  We loved it!  I really liked the pint of Zeitgeist I had and hope it will be available here at some point.  That evening we also revisited some of the same pubs and after much wandering, found the Tiki Bar.  How could we pass going to a wee Scottish Tiki Bar?!?!  It did not have the most elaborate décor but was nice and the drinks were pretty good.  We went early thankfully since it had the vibe of becoming clubby later on at night.

The next morning was the moment that I had been a bit nervous for…the rental car pick up and getting the car through Glasgow out onto the open road.  Ben did an amazing job.  He went alone to get the car then picked me up at the hotel.  We had a bit of trouble getting to the road we wanted to go to but made it eventually.  Once we got out of the city it was not nerve wracking at all and thankfully our first stop was not too far – the first distillery stop of the trip, Auchentoshan!
 Our plane at SFO

Passing a cemetery on the bus tour

Kelvingrove Art gallery & Museum

Spitfire from WWII

Massive organ being played when we walked in

Brew Dog!

Drinks at the Tiki Bar

Water tap on the bar at the Pot Still

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