Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UK Trip Part III: Scottish Highlands & Killin

After we left Auchentoshan, we headed towards our destination for the evening, staying at The Falls of Dochart Inn in the village of Killin.  We made some stops along the way, the first of which was in Luss on Loch Lomond.  They had a lovely little church.  We were going to stop in the pub to try to catch the match that day (Arsenal v. United) but it had turned into a posh pub since Ben had been there last and there was no TV to be found.

The roads up in Scotland are so beautiful though Ben could not enjoy too much scenery as he was driving since often times the road became so narrow that there was hardly enough space for two cars to pass each other.  Thankfully we made plenty of stops so we could fully take in the scenery.  Our next destination was for lunch at the Drover’s Inn.  Very cool, very haunted place with lots of taxidermy.

We made it to our destination for the evening and I could not get over how beautiful it was.  Ben booked a room at The Falls of Dochart Inn.  Our room overlooked the falls which was an amazing sight to wake up to and falling asleep to the sounds of the falls is definitely something I could get used to.  The room was so nicely decorated as well.  Quite a change from the Travelodge from the previous night.  We wandered a bit around the village and came upon Fingal’s Stone.  We did not know what to expect when we came upon a stone with two benches.  This became our ongoing joke throughout the trip that we were blown away by Fingal’s Stone.  Quite a life changing event!  The evening was spent hanging out at the pub downstairs from our room.  After all, it was the only thing open.  As with ever place we went, the people at the Inn were great.  The bartender had just returned from a trip to Florida and was wearing a USA shirt.  I did manage to spill an entire glass of red wine, thankfully not on anyone, and this kicked off one of the clumsiest times on a trip I have ever had.  Actually, I spilled a bit of red wine on the flight over so that was the official start of it.

The next morning we had a nice breakfast then started off in the direction of our next destination, the Clachaig Inn in Glencoe.

Clan MacFarlane!

Loch Lomond

church in Luss

The Falls of Dochart

our room at the Falls of Dochart Inn

view of the falls from our room

Fingal's Stone!

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