Wednesday, November 28, 2012

UK Trip Part IV: Scottish Highlands & Glencoe

The road to Glencoe was fantastic and we made some great stops along the way.  The freedom of having our own car was so wonderful.  We could stop whenever we wanted if something of interest came about.  On this leg of the journey besides random stops along the road, we stopped at Glen Lochy, Kilchurn Castle, and a coffee shop overlooking Castle Stalker (if you have seen Monty Python’s Holy Grail, then you have seen Castle Stalker near the end).  I was so impressed with the wellingtons I was wearing.  I stood in the middle of an ice cold stream and felt no change in temperature.  Whatever that mystery material crocs are made of works very well.

Once we got to Glencoe, we had to follow a one lane road away from the town to the 300 year old Clachaig Inn.  It was a bit nerve wracking but at least it was still light out.  The setting of the B&B was amazing and the room was very nice.  Glencoe, despite its bloody history, is such a beautiful place. We were surrounded by high mountains dusted with snow with waterfalls coming out of the side and a stream ran by not far away from us as well.  We did not have too much time before dark so we went on a bit of a walk up the hill to an area with what looked like some sort of stone monument.  No idea what it was in the past but it seemed like it must have been a good place to seek shelter at one time.  We then followed another path down to the stream.  Then it was back to the Clachaig Inn to settle in the pub with some dinner and whisky. 

There were two bars, one that was family friendly, then the pub called the Boots Bar.  You can guess which we chose.  The food was great and the bartender recommended some nice whisky.  I had Benromach Organic, which I am now on a mission to find, and Ben enjoyed an Ardbeg.  As if this did not already rule, there was an open mic jam session that was amazing.  This one guy in particular had the most beautiful voice it brought tears to your eyes. 

After watching the sun rise behind the mountains from our window the next morning we enjoyed breakfast before hitting the road to Edinburgh.  I got to try vegetarian haggis and I loved it!

least favorite road sign ever!

random roadside waterfall

random ruins

big hunk 'o' peet

would love to know what all of these plants are

Kilchurn Castle

Castle Stalker

having tea overlooking the above mentioned castle

Clachaig Inn - Glencoe

view outside the Inn

jam session at the Boots Bar

mmmm...vegetarian haggis

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