Wednesday, November 28, 2012

UK Trip Part V: More Driving & Edinburgh

From Glencoe it was on to Edinburgh for the night. Another beautiful drive. We stopped at the Dalwhinnie Distillery and picked up a bottle. Then on to the village of Pitlochry for a little wander before driving down a tiny one lane road to the smallest distillery in Scotland, Edradour. I really wish we could have had the time to do the tour here but instead we just hit the shop. When trying to do as much as we did in 11 days, you have to cut a lot short when you do not want to.

We have been to Edinburgh a few times before so we were only going to be there for one evening this time. It just made us realize how much we love it and want to go back again. Old town Edinburgh may win for the worst place Ben had to drive us through. The small cobblestone streets do not have many noticeable markings and we were usually not sure if the streets went one or two ways and how many lanes there were supposed to be. Ben got us there without a scratch though and I think we may have only been honked at once. Once we checked in to the Travelodge (only 28 pounds per night with a view of Arthur’s Seat from our window!) we headed straight for the Cadenhead Whisky Shop. This place has their own casks of whisky so we bought two small bottles as we had planned. Cask strength whisky, which I have never tried, bottled and labeled right in front of you. One of many places we learned about from Rick Steves, the man helping Ben and I in our travels since 2000.

The night we were in Edinburgh was also Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night, 5th of November). We thought we would see more fireworks than we did but still managed to catch some random ones while we were up at the castle overlooking the city. Managed to find some new places on a little self-guided walking tour that we did. Hit some pubs as per usual. One of the best being the Halfway House. This is a tiny little pub down Fleshmarket Close off Cockburn. Ben had stumbled upon it 5 years ago with his parents. Very cozy.

Edinburgh was out last stop in Scotland. It was then off to England to stay in Keswick located in the northern Lake District.

on the road to Edinburgh

Dalwhinnie Distillery

another bottle to take home

The Edradour Distillery - smallest in Scotland

and another bottle...

crossing the bridge to Edinburgh

view of Arthur's seat from our window

picked up 2 more small bottles straight from the cask at this shop

Edinburgh Castle

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