Wednesday, November 28, 2012

UK Trip Part VI: Lake District - Stay in Keswick

From Edinburgh we headed directly towards Keswick in the northern Lake District in England. It was sad knowing our time in Scotland was over but we still had much to look forward to. Along the way we had quite a laugh when I noticed something on the map referred to as the Devil’s Beef Tub. That has to be the strangest name we had come across by far. Right before we got to Keswick we stopped at the Castlerigg Stone Circle. Really glad we did. We have been to Stonehenge which is larger, more crowded, and roped off for protection. The stones of Castlerigg are smaller but still impressive with a rich history. We were the only people there which made it even more enjoyable. Again, so great to have a car since I do not think tour buses could ever come to this place.

In Keswick we stayed at the Dunsford B&B. This has to be the most perfect place we have ever stayed in all of our travels. Once again, thanks to the suggestion of Rick Steves. It is a small B&B with maybe four rooms. The woman who runs it is so lovely and even called us while we were driving down to wish us safe travels and to see if we needed anything. She has not missed a detail with this place. The rooms and bathrooms were in absolute perfect condition and had no flaws. This has to be the only place without a spot of mold or mildew which is very hard to combat in such damp environs. She also cooked an amazing breakfast, complete with veggie bacon and sausage to accommodate my vegetarian ways. Best fake bacon I have ever had as well. Again, not a detail was missed. I wish we could have stayed here another night.

Keswick is a really cute village with a ton of pubs for such a small place. Our first stop, which Ben had been planning all along, was the Dog and the Gun pub for lunch. Really nice pub and as an added bonus, tons of dogs! I loved it! Afterwards we walked to the nearby lake and also to another nice pub, the Pheasant Inn. We had a fairly relaxing evening which included a couple more pubs and a search for some place to watch the Arsenal match. We did manage to find a pub showing an illegal stream of the match and we were pretty much the only people in there. Not the best pub but at least we caught the second half.

I would love to go back to the Lake District someday and explore since we really did not do much there and it looks like such a beautiful place. We also still need to make it to the Withnail and I locations or at least do some reenactments! Ben did see one man who reminded him of Uncle Monty but that was when we were still in Scotland.

It was now time to leave the beautiful country and fresh air for the city. I was finally going to Manchester, the birthplace for so much music I have listened to most my life, to meet Neil and Susie and go on our Smiths/Morrissey tour!

Castlerigg Stone Circle

our B & B in Keswick

nearby lake

the very cozy Pheasant Inn

we LOVE the off season!


  1. I have never been to Edinburgh,but have family from there and have heard many great things.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Scotland,and sharing some of your pics from your vacay.

    Take care.

  2. Oh sorry,I misread ur first sentence,these are pics of England.

    Well,glad you got to see England and Scotland ! :)

  3. Thanks! We had an amazing time in both countries :-)