Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5th Annual Swervy Christmas

For the last 5 years around the holidays a bunch of us get together to ride our bikes to the bars and check out the Christmas lights around town. This has been named Swervy Christmas for obvious reasons though I think I only saw a couple people fall off their bikes. It begins at Lost Weekend where we all meet up with our bikes decorated. We then proceed to the Club House before heading to a place nicknamed Christmas Tree Lane as the whole block really goes all out with the decorations. The night always ends with one more stop at the Lemon Tree for some cocktails. It was another successful Swervy this year I'll have to say.

my bike basket all decorated with tinsel and lights

Thompson Street in Alameda

the little conveyor belt actually moves!

nightmare before christmas theme...

I spy Yukon Cornelius!

I just loved all of the trees at this one...

Ernie and Rudolph!

My favorite house with a rotating aluminum tree and...

...santa's pink flamingos!

Happy Hoidays everyone!

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