Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Friday night in Oakland...

Last Friday two of our friends were celebrating their birthdays at the Metro in Oakland where one of them was part of the lineup as well. Since we had to head over there anyway we decided to make an evening of it, starting with dinner at Rudy’s Can Fail CafĂ© on 18th and Telegraph (owned by Mike Dirnt of Green Day). This is only the second time I have been but both experiences have been great. Ben has been way more since he plays ice hockey each week right up the street from there. I really appreciate all of the vegetarian options. I settled on a Boca burger with sweet potato fries. So good! They make shakes with booze in them that I have yet to try but vow to one of these days.

as always, we chose to sit at the bar
(photo taken from

After Rudy’s we headed to Beer Revolution to have a couple before the show. There was a Belgian beer event going on there and they were passing out red gnome hats from La Chouffe. I tried to pass on wearing one but finally succumbed…when in “gnome”… It was pretty hilarious to look in the bar and see a sea of gnome hats. Everyone was in very good spirits which seems to always be the way at Beer Revolution which I love. I had a pint of Shubros Diablo Stout then an imperial stout which I cannot remember the name of. Both were very good.

In our fabulous La Chouffe gnome hats...

We did not stay at the Metro for all that long but made sure to catch one of the birthday boy’s bands, the Harrington Saints. Great show as always and this time Ben actually was up front so he could get some decent photos. I usually stay way back as people get a bit crazy so my photos do not really turn out. My days of being up in the rough crowd at shows have been over for years. I had my fill of that as a teenager back in the Gilman days and want no part of that anymore.

Donna, Leah, Joann and I

Harrington Saints!

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