Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recent purchases...

I sure felt guilty about this first one from last month but I simply could not pass this up as I had been wanting more of a variety of Bakelite spacers and knew I would probably never need to buy another again after this. The average price per spacer was pretty low which I was happy about since I have been seeing individual spacers going for way too much around town. When they arrived they were even more beautiful than I thought they were going to be and in fantastic condition!
seller's photo

I have always admired the dresses from Trashy Diva but never wanted to spend quite that much on a new dress but then recently I shopped the clearance section of their site and got a few amazing deals! I bought two dresses and a pair of shoes that were 50% off, then an additional 20% off on top of that. How could I pass that up? I love both dresses but of the two, the Pearl Harbor one is my favorite (below, right). It has an elasticized back for a more custom fit and the straps are fastened with buttons in the back so I can adjust them or tie them around my neck. Very handy since I am tall and repro dresses seem to always be made for someone with a much shorter torso.

Ever since the last time I was in Santa Cruz I have been wanting to head back and do a bit of vintage shopping. I did not have time to look much the last time I was there but still managed to get an amazing gray wool swing coat for $45 from Moon Zoom so I knew I had to go back when the prices there are so good. Ben desperately needed a new wetsuit so we made the trek down to Santa Cruz over the weekend. I think I made out fairly well with three dresses, a beaded cardigan, and a purse. And this was only from two shops on Pacific, Moon Zoom and Cognito. All vintage and under $40 with the exception of one dress which was around $60. These great prices are what I was used to from shopping back in the late 90s at these same shops. Glad to know not every place is charging an arm and a leg these days. I recovered from my shopping adventure with a couple of cocktails at the good ol’ Red Room. I forgot how cool the interior of this bar is since back in the day when we used to go there it was always super crowded and I usually had too many lemon drops. Much more relaxing in the day time on a Sunday.

nice tortoise shell lucite accents

been wanting a linen dress and this one is in mint condition...

I am most excited about this one...
the photo does not do it justice

And finally, our new little friends that I think
are precious but are giving Ben nightmares...


  1. Oh my!! So very many goodies! I adore those Bakelite bangles...I'm incredibly jealous. I've been trying to grow my collection, but it's oh so expensive.


  2. Expensive indeed! Just keep on searching and you will come across those fabulous deals you cannot pass up :-)