Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alameda follow up...Huell Howser!

As a follow up to my previous Alameda post, I finally found the episode where Huell Howser came to Alameda in 2009!  It was from a series called “California’s Communities.”  I recently learned of the untimely death of Huell Howser from a blog post I came across on Wacky Tacky.  Huell fans, definitely check out these posts - wacky tacky Icons & Open Up Those Pearly Gates.  I was sad watching this episode, knowing he was gone and was doubly sad as the portion where he visits the theatre features the manager at the time who has since passed as well.  I believe Huell did a very fitting tribute to Alameda.  I was just wishing I could have been around when they were here filming!


  1. I'm so glad that you found the episode for which you were looking! Thanks for the shout out and the links!!!