Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Latest Freddie's of Pinewood purchases...

I recently purchased two more pairs of jeans from Freddie’s of Pinewood, the Indigo Pleated Pants and the Blue Pedal Pushers. I have a pair of the Selvedge Jeanies already and wanted more. As an added bonus, all orders during the month of December received a free Freddie’s retractable tape measure. Perfect for when shopping since the one I usually carry I am constantly rolling back up.

I absolutely love the Indigo Pleated Pants! So flattering and comfortable. The pocket detailing and white buttons are adorable. They have a wider leg than my selvedge jeanies. Since I am tall I do not get to turn them up as much as I would like but still like them with a smaller cuff. The Blue Pedal Pushers need to get broken in a bit but I like them as well, especially the cute zipper used for the side zip and the additional zipper details on the back pockets. The hips on these are much wider than the other pairs I have so they are very roomy. According to the website they are a reproduction of an actual pair of vintage pedal pushers. Unfortunately it has been far too cold here to get to wear them.

I am holding off but the next item I want to purchase from Freddie’s is the Dolman Sleeve Cardigan.

Indigo Pleated Pants

Pocket and stitching detail...

Blue Pedal Pushers

My free measuring tape...

Couldn't resist the tote bag

Dolman Sleeve Cardigan from Freddie's
on my wish list...

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