Sunday, January 20, 2013

Latest furniture Art Deco Vanity!

I have always wanted to have a proper vanity in my bedroom but never thought I’d get to actually have one. Our previous apartment was a tiny cottage with a tiny bedroom to match. When we moved into where we are now I was so excited to realize there is plenty of space for a vanity. I did not plan to buy one this soon but sometimes you come across something too good to pass up. I found this beauty in the basement level of Park Street Antiques here in Alameda. I saw it a while back but swear that the price was drastically different before. Recently I was at the shop admiring it again and noticed it was actually a great price. Of course I obsessed over it that evening then raced back the next morning so I could buy it. They even knocked some off the price so I paid an even better price than I imagined. It cleaned up really nice. One major selling point for me was the matching stool with green upholstered cushion that is hinged so more can be stored in the seat. It has already been so nice having a full length mirror again. No more standing on a stool in the bathroom! Now my next search swill be for a lamp to go on the vanity. Something to look for at the next antiques faire February 3rd!

I love how the mirror continues to the bottom

Check out these handles...Bakelite?

Great new spot for my Bakelite


  1. What a great Bakelite collection! Lucky girl!

    I have a lovely old 1940's simple vanity. I wanted a waterfall vanity like yours but thinking about taking it up an old 1892 staircase made me change my mind.


    1. Thanks! I could not resist doing a close up photo of my Bakelite ;-)

      That is scary to think about having to carry a piece of furniture like that up an old staircase. Especially the huge mirror. It was tough without any stairs at all!

  2. What a gorgeous Vanity and lovely colour. I have a 1940's Oak Vanity that I adore! I love the routine of sitting down and putting on my face or painting my nails in front of the mirror. Yummy Bakelite collection as well xxx