Monday, January 14, 2013

Musical Flashback...

With Viva fast approaching (less than three months to go!) I got to thinking about the music scene back in the late 90s in the Bay Area. It was always difficult to seek out all ages shows or figure out which venues I could get into underage (thankfully Bimbos was one of them!). I did not turn 21 until ’99 so this was a challenge. Around this time I had a great friend who was older and very helpful in seeking out shows I could go to. One time she even phoned up some 21+ venue and asked if I could get in. I used to whine that all of the bands would be either broken up or dead by the time I turned 21. Of course I was completely wrong and amazed at all of the incredible acts I’ve seen over the years, old and new.

Some things that remind me of those days…

(Photo borrowed from their website)

Deluxe on Haight
(photo borrowed from

Elbo Room on Wednesday nights
(photo borrowed from

From the first time I saw Kim Lenz at Slim's

After that little stroll down memory lane I look ahead to all of the great acts still going and that we will see at Viva 2013!

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