Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nick's and the Surf Lounge

This past weekend Ben and I went to visit some close friends of ours and they wanted to take us to a restaurant they just knew we were going to love, Nick’s at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica. They could not have been more right. We absolutely loved this place! It is located right by the water so between parked cars you could catch a glimpse of the surfers out that day from the booth we were seated in. The cocktails were stiff and the food was great! Our waiter was a quite a character as well which gave it an added entertainment value. On the other side of the space is a lounge area and horseshoe bar. I would love to get a cocktail and sit at this bar sometime when we go back. Everything here has been preserved and is in great condition. They still have a functioning cigarette machine with Nick’s matchbooks on top, no tears in the vinyl barstools or the long vinyl bench seating, and I love the signs over the restrooms which I could not resist taking photos of. Just fabulous overall and I cannot wait to go back.

After our meal, we went to the Surf Lounge. This nice little neighborhood bar has been fun the few times we have gone. They actually have a tiki drink menu and I love the fireplace. I’m sure when the bartender saw Ben and I walking up she knew she would have to mix something from the menu. I had Ben order me a Cap’n Bill’s Grog. It was basically a pint glass of rum. The menu said “Sure to get you shipwrecked” and they were right! Of course you cannot expect to get the same level tiki drink as you would elsewhere but it tasted fine, packed quite a punch, and was a great value at only $6.50. Especially when you only need one!

Fantastic restroom signage...

My pint of rum...

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