Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vintage finds at Rocket Reuse

We have a great shop here in Alameda on Park Street called Rocket Reuse. They mainly sell used books but also carry records, CDs, and some vintage clothing. Everything is reasonably priced. The clothing selection is not huge, but I have found some really great things here for fantastic prices. It has been some time since I have found anything but scored recently with an adorable gray sweater and pink linen dress. The sweater was just $17.95 and the dress was $32 and even still had its matching belt. Both are in great condition with the exception of one small moth hole in the sweater that can be easily fixed. I cannot find any major issues with the dress which I was surprised by since it is such a light color. Of course it could use a good pressing. I love that it is sleeveless so I actually have full movement of my arms. I have quite broad shoulders so that is usually where I run into trouble with vintage dresses which is why I mostly stick to only buying dresses in person when I can try it on first. I’m sure many other girls have had that item in their wardrobe where when they wear it they just say to themselves “Guess I’ll just not move my arms much this evening.” Not good if you dance but I do not so it is easier for me to sacrifice arm movement for a night. I can recall seeing some poor girl coming off a dance floor with a rip down the side of her dress more than one time over the years. So heartbreaking but it’s a risk we take when we wear vintage.

Anyhoo, without further ado, my finds from Rocket Reuse…


  1. Oh hahahah I often have the problem of not having full range of arm movement in vintage dresses....and I dance (alot!) so I get quite frustrated that many of my lovely dresses can't be worn on nights out, which is when I want to show them off! :)

    1. Super frustrating, especially since you dance! There have even been times when I go to give someone a hug and hear that dreadful sound of the fabric ripping. Oh how we suffer for fashion! ;-)

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