Monday, February 25, 2013

Hollywood Trip - Part I

We make a trip down to Hollywood at least once a year and just went over the holiday weekend. Stayed at our usual Travelodge on North Vermont in the Los Feliz area since most importantly from there we can walk to Tiki Ti. Rather than take our time down 101 with surf breaks along the way we raced down I-5 to save time. About 5 hours, not too bad. Makes me realize we should make this trip more than once a year! The weather was 78 degrees and sunny. We felt so spoiled and lucky to live in California!

First stop on Friday afternoon, Machos Tacos so we could get some food in us before heading to Tiki Ti. This place is so convenient and has saved us on a number of occasions. Apparently we had just missed some guy on PCP getting arrested out front. Never a dull moment! We enjoyed our lunch on the little patio and were ready to go!

On to Tiki Ti, finally! It had only been 8 months since our last visit but had felt like an eternity. I had a Rum, Gum & Lime followed by a Sumatra Kula while Ben had a Navy Grog followed by a “151” Rum Swizzle. As if it couldn’t get any better being at the Ti, they had the card that Huell Howser had written on up behind the bar on the cash register in a prominent spot. Cards with the names of long time regulars are all over the bar and I am sure after his death they wanted to make sure nothing happened to his. The bartender was nice enough to take a photo of it for me. We toasted to Huell and left after our second drink. From past experience we learned that we can do no more than 2 drinks there since they are so strong!
Almost there!


One of the old menus...

R.I.P. Huell Howser

Before our next destination I happened upon a vintage shop that I had never been to for some tiki drink fueled shopping, Replay Vintage. Thankfully I only found one item I had to have, this great purse with a beaded peacock on it! I spoke to the guy and he said they would be vending at Viva and have done so in the past so I am sure I’ve checked out their offerings before. Definitely worth a look.

Next was another of our usual stops, The Dresden. We had some drinks and appetizers but unfortunately only stayed for a song or two from Marty and Elayne. It was just getting too crowded for us. More than usual probably since it was a holiday weekend.

Last stop of day one before turning in for the night was the Good Luck bar. Felt like it was meant to be as there were two stools at the bar waiting for us when we walked in. I had one of their specialty items from the menu. We usually end up here some point along the way. I love the décor. My only issue is that it is so dimly lit, I get oh so sleepy when I am there. I am one of those people that if it is dark, no matter the time, I will fall asleep.

Great looking barber shop we always pass by...

Framed mug shots of the barbers
are on display in the front window...

Enough of our first day…I’ll be following this up with another post about the remainder of our little trip.

Our Hollywood home away from home...


  1. How did I miss this?! It looks like you guys really made the most of your time. I have yet to go to the Dresden but it is definitely on the list!

    1. The restaurant and lounge of the Dresden are both worth checking out! We had dinner there a few years back and really enjoyed that as well. Marty & Elayne are great! Every time we go there is some new one liner Marty throws out there that cracks us up. ;-)