Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hollywood Trip - Part II

I originally wanted to begin the day early with a trip to Hollywood Forever Cemetery but it was a bit too late for that by the time Ben returned from surfing Topanga. I’ll have to make sure to go on the next trip.

We took the Metro to Hollywood Boulevard to have lunch at Miceli's. I cannot believe we have not gone here sooner! It was amazing! The sign boasts it is the oldest Italian restaurant in Hollywood, opened in 1949. We each ordered one of the lunch specials for only $10. I was already in awe of our surroundings when an older gentlemen came up to us and said he would be playing some piano music for us while we dine. I just about died! We were the only customers in there for a bit since we showed up not long after they opened for lunch so it was more of a private concert for at least a little while. We loved every inch of this place and highly recommend it!


I don't think there was a moment during lunch
I did not have a smile on my face...

After our fabulous lunch we continued the tradition of an early cocktail at the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, Musso and Frank Grill, made by our favorite bartender Manny Aguirre! If you are ever in the neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon, definitely stop in to see Manny at the bar. The best bit this time around was that he shared his scrapbook with us! Years ago he showed me some photos and articles but this had way more. Bartending in Hollywood since 1958, he has met so many celebrities. Some of the highlights of his scrapbook: a newspaper clipping of him in 1958 behind the bar at what was then the Mardi Gras and then there was a photo of him and guess who…Huell Howser! I wish I could have taken a photo of it but I felt it was his personal scrapbook and did not feel comfortable. So exciting to see yet another reminder of Huell on our trip. He also told us another story about when Drew Barrymore was in there as well as a film shot there recently with Jerry Lewis. Manny even showed us the photo on his camera of he and Jerry Lewis. I cannot express how much I love this place and all of the history that goes with it. And there is a lot of history since it opened in 1919 (same year as Tosca in San Francisco I believe).


Raymond Chandler has sat at this bar!

Manny took this photo of us

Even the bathrooms rule...

Boardners was closed but I'll have to check it out one of these days. 
A scene from L.A. Confidential was filmed there.

Need to check out the Egyptian theater sometime as well...

This place is starting to get a bit tacky on the
inside with all the TVs and everything...

After Musso and Frank’s I got sidetracked with a bit of shopping before we took the Metro back to our neck of the woods as we planned on revisiting Tiki Ti before finally going for the first time to El Cid. Finally some people ordered the Blood and Sand at Tiki Ti so I got to see the miniature mechanical bull go ‘round the bar. That never gets old! So darn cute!

Round two at the Ti!

Ray's good!

On the way to El Cid...

We have attempted in the past to check out El Cid but it was closed when we stopped by before. This time was a success! We did not make reservations for the famous flamenco show but rather had tapas and cocktails on the patio. We really enjoyed this place! It is beautiful! And even though we were not going to see the flamenco performance, we got to experience one of the guitarists warming up near the restrooms. I am in love with this place! Definitely going to make show reservations the next time we head down south.

Sangria & tapas...

My little friend on the stairs...

Sadly we had to head home Sunday. But before we left, we had brunch at the Cat and Fiddle on Sunset. We first went here years ago and I will admit, it was because I heard Morrissey would go here when he lived in the area (yes, I am obsessed). Brunch was lovely on the patio but made it that much more difficult to face the fact we would soon be sitting in the car heading down boring I-5. The Cat and Fiddle is in a beautiful building, bulit in 1929. Scenes from Casablanca were actually filmed in one of the rooms of the pub. Not totally sure though which one. Anyway, it was a fitting end to our trip.

Now on to our next adventure, Viva Las Vegas in 4 weeks!


  1. This looks like a fun trip, and is getting me all excited, as I will be in LA in just under 3 weeks! Yahooo! :)

    1. Yay! Have a fantastic time in LA before Viva!

  2. I really don't spend very much time in Hollywood proper, but you make me want to be there right now! We dined at Miceli's recently and the piano player took our request! It is a great place and makes me think that a Hollywood adventure is in my not-too-distant future! Thanks for sharing your awesome photos!

    1. You are very welcome! I did not even think to make a request to the piano player but will definitely keep that in mind for next time! Hope you make a Hollywood adventure soon and have a wonderful time! :)