Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Hop at the Elbo Room

A few weeks back we hit up the Elbo Room in San Francisco for The Hop. Deke Dickerson and Big Sandy both played. I had a great time being back at the Elbo Room again. Just like old times, but WAY more crowded! Makes sense since there are no longer shows there every week like there used to be when dX put on Speedy’s Wig City. I could not believe the line to get in upstairs was down the entire length of the downstairs bar! I had a blast and hope we can make it to DeMarco’s in Brisbane when these guys play again April 27th, this time with Red Meat for their 20th anniversary BBQ.

I did not get any good photos since I was too far away and it was super dark in there but I will include them here anyway.

Red linen dress I bought from
Relic Vintage on Haight Street last year

Had dinner at La Cumbre before the show

Deke Dickerson

Can never get enough of that upside down solo...

By this point of the night it was impossible to get
a good shot of Big Sandy.  Oh well...


  1. Looks like a fun (and packed!) night! That show on the 27th also sounds like it'll be a great one! I love Red Meat!!!

  2. Packed indeed! At least the venue for the one on the 27th is bigger but I'm sure it will be packed, too! And as if I need to say it...less than 2 weeks 'til Viva!!!

  3. I had a feeling this one would be packed to the gills. That's the main reason I skipped it but now - I regret! :{

    1. I actually did not mind the crowd that night but the hubby was none too thrilled with the amount of people. Hopefully there will be a bit more breathing room when they play April 27th!