Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Viva Las Vegas '98

Since there is just 2 ½ weeks until Viva…

I was going through some of my old magazines and such and came across a program from the first Viva back in 1998. I was not there but a friend of mine went and brought it back for me. It is incredible to see how much it has grown over the years. I also went through a 1997 issue of Continental Restyling I have which includes a mention of the first Viva and how Tom Ingram was expecting 1,500 people. How many is it up to now?! So much fun looking back. I may have gotten rid of loads of stuff over the years but so glad I hung on to things such as these.

Program from VLV 1998!

The line up...

Issue of Continental Restyling
I picked up at Tower Records in '97

Viva tickets were $49.50 back then...

Some more pages from Continental Restyling...

I always swing by here when in London
(though they have since moved from Inverness St. to Parkway)

We used to go to Jiving Jamboree in Ealing in 2002 while staying in London
Wish we could have been there in '97 for this one!

Love the other articles in Continental Restyling...


  1. Oh how I MISS the old Viva days at the Gold Coast! Everyone was so friendly and the car show/parking lot was such a fun 24 hour party. Plus the all the Europeans made it super exciting. Those were the days.

    1. I still have a blast at Viva but always do feel a bit nostalgic for the old days when it was a bit smaller. I really enjoyed the 2nd Rave held at the Orleans. Felt a little like old Viva. Too bad that did not last though :(