Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Viva Las Vegas 16 Recap - Day 4

Here it is, my last Viva post to sum up VLV 16…

I wanted to get a bit of music shopping done Sunday so I bought a handful of CDs at the No Hit Records booth. While I did this, Ben checked out Tennessee Voodoo Coupe in Bienville and said they were really good. I am bummed I did not get to check them out since I was too busy shopping. Shame on me! Hopefully they will play again some other time and I’ll get to see them.

After shopping we headed over to check out the pool party for a bit. We had to wait in line FOREVER in the hot sun and wind (there went my hair) but eventually made it in. At least since they were strict on the number of people allowed in, there were plenty of shady spots to sit and it was easy to get a drink. We did not spend all that much time in there and left before the swimsuit contest started. We were more interested in the second Charles Phoenix slideshow at 5:00.

 Happy to be in the shade...

full length outfit shot...

The second slideshow was great as always and Charles Phoenix had on another awesome airbrushed suit to match the Hawaiian rainbow bread he brought and threw into the audience. Never a dull moment!

Conan lamb cake!

After changing and having dinner we were all set to see Nikki Hill. As was expected, she was amazing!!! I am so glad I bought her album earlier on since the line to get it afterwards was super long. Lines, lines and more lines…that kind of sums up how we spent so much of our time at Viva this year. Guess there is no way to really avoid it though.
What would I have done without these comfy shoes?!?!
Waiting for Nikki Hill...

Nikki Hill!!!

I had not printed a schedule off of the Viva website for a while so it was on the flight out I saw that Roy Kay had been added to the Sunday night lineup. I was very happy about that. He is one of my favorites! Del Villarreal sums him up as “the man with a smile in his voice”. I think that’s a perfect description!

Roy Kay

Always nice to run into Kim.  I bought the seahorse earrings
I am wearing from her etsy shop, Atomic Frocks.

Next we caught Ray Collins Hot Club. We had never seen them before and really enjoyed it!

And finally, Dr. Crazy Joe from Ohio! What a killer way to end the weekend! No one wanted it to end which was obvious since we kept applauding for additional encores. He finally ended around 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning. Sunday nights at Viva always seem to be the wildest.

Dr. Crazy Joe!

Discussing whether or not they can do another encore...

"Let 'em know!"

Acting like we did not have to leave the next day we headed to the bar for one more drink. Glad that we did since I won $70 on video Keno which pretty much made it so I broke even with my little bit of gambling I was doing here and there.

 Last shot of Viva...3:30 or so Monday morning...

I was sad to leave Vegas and have to go back to reality (though my liver and lungs were more than ready to get home). We were happy to run into our old friend Ahmad at the airport. We all went to school together and I’ve know this guy since I was 12! Such a good person and always great to run in to. The three of us grabbed a drink together and were on the same flight home. It was a nice way to end our trip.

Ben and Ahmad - Newark in the house!

We have now started our count down to the Rhythm Riot in England this November. So excited for that! The full lineup has not been announced yet but this is it so far according to an email I received…

Nikki Hill
The Royal Rhythmaires
The Truly Lover Trio
Ray Collins Hot-Club
The Haystack Hi-Tones
Joe & The Hornets
Miss Lily Moe
The Zazou Cowboys


  1. Oh how exciting! To be able to go to England. Looks like a great day filled with awesome music,shopping (my favorite) and people. Love the the green dress and blue skirt. Comfy shoes are a must. I need to start breaking in all of my shoes for next year.

    I leave all the gambling to my hubby. I very rarely win anything on slot machines. Both he and my mother-in-law always win some money whenever they gamble. Me? May as well just buy myself a drink. At least then I would enjoy it more.

    1. Very good idea to break in your shoes before going to Vegas. Blisters on your feet anytime, especially in Vegas, are no fun!

      Also smart not to gamble! Thankfully I am not nearly as bad as I used to be with slot machines but I can't resist doing a little when it is right in front of me :)

  2. Oh my goodness, when you see my last Viva post you will giggle - we saw all of the same bands that night! I can't believe we didn't spot each other at Roy Kay, as we must have both been near the front...

    Also: you know Kim and Ahmad! :)

    We will have to make a point to meet up at the RR! x

    1. ps. That's awesome that you won on the Keno right at the end of the trip! Nice to make back some of the money!

    2. We must have been side by side without even knowing it! We will most definitely need to make it a point to meet up at the RR and we'll be in London for a bit after as well so hopefully we can catch some more bands / DJs!

      Send me an email some time since I am not on Facebook and we can keep in touch and make sure we do not miss each other in November!


  3. You had a great ending to the weekend!!! OH and I'm super jealous of your upcoming trip to England! That's going to be amazing!!!

    1. We are super excited for November! I am just wondering how on earth I will be able to get everything in one suitcase! Don't get to take as much as I do for Vegas so I will have to get very creative with my packing ;-)

  4. GAH! I'm soooo SAD we didn't meet. :( If you are in LA, PLEASE let me know. I'd love to have dinner or go shopping with you!

    1. I'm so sad we missed each other as well. I'd love to meet up with you sometime when we are in your neck of the woods! We are hoping to make another run down south this year (need another Tiki Ti fix!) so I will let you know!