Friday, May 3, 2013

Latest Home Addition...

First off, happy Friday!  It's about time the weekend got here!  Now on to my latest find...

I have been trying to decide what I wanted to hang above the bar in our living room for some time now. A large mirror, some sort of framed prints (I dream of Carlo pieces in those crazy frames but would never be able to afford it), a shadow box…Then lo and behold I stumble across this in our local antique store!

This combines everything I want into one piece! Ben commented it looks a bit like a car driving through our wall but I love it. It is by the Illinois Moulding Company who made many different variations of shadow box mirrors. Some that even lit up. I am sure I will rearrange what I have on the shelves currently but just could not leave it empty. Hopefully I will find the right replacement mirror for the bottom strip but I can always paint it gold if not.  I am just so happy the first try to hang it up it was level!  Just a pencil, a tape measure, and couple of good hooks was all I needed.  Oh, and a bit of luck!  It is always a tad nerve wracking hanging items on old plaster walls.

Now that I just bought this (oh and woops…a Pendleton at Juniper Tree Vintage as well on the same day) I should really stay away from the antique fair in Alameda this Sunday so I do not spend more money. We’ll just see if I have the will power (most likely not – I am so weak!). 

a little detail...

while I am at it, a close up of the bar...


  1. Wow! That shadowbox/shelf/mirror thingy is SO amazing, as is the bar!!

  2. Oh wow! That is just stunning. I've been eye something like this on eBay but they are WAY out of my budget. That and a lot of them are local pick up only. Your bar area is just drool and envy worthy.

  3. WOW! That thing is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful!!! Hanging those things is the scariest part!