Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Red Meat 20th Anniversary

Had a great time at the Red Meat 20th Anniversary held at the 23 Club in Brisbane (I still call it DeMarco’s out of habit - not sure if that name is still part of it or not). It was sold out and packed! The show started out with a set by Deke Dickerson which was fantastic as always, and was followed up by an equally great set by Big Sandy, then the main event, Red Meat. I cannot remember if I have ever seen them live, and very well may have years ago, but they were really fun! With the recent passing of George Jones we got to hear a good amount of tributes which was very fitting for the night. I loved how the show started and ended early and think all shows should be like that. We’re not teenagers anymore and like to get home at a decent hour! It was so packed and difficult to get any decent photos so I did the best I could from where I was standing.


preparing for the George Jones riding lawnmower...

Big Sandy!

wore my dead stock Cover Girl of Miami dress 
I bought from Juniper Tree Vintage here in Alameda

my bakelite combo, new plastic ring from Atomic Swag
and my DIY half moon manicure


  1. That dress is super cute and fits you so well! Love the carved bakelite bangle. Looks like it was a great show.

    1. You are very sweet, thank you! I was so excited to find that dress. It even has the sewn in crinoline in tact. I got lucky with this one ;-)

  2. Oh my word I am in love with your Covergirl dress! Are those Remix shoes?


    1. Thanks, Wendi! Yep, those are my new Remix wedges I picked up in Vegas. I love the green!