Monday, May 20, 2013

T-Bird Sweet 16

Our anniversary portrait!

Just realized as of February I have now had my ’65 Thunderbird for 16 years. So hard to believe! In the late 90s my dream car was a blue ’64 or ‘65 with a white top so imagine my surprise when I saw the exact car I wanted with a for sale sign on the street in early ‘97. I was not paying rent back then since I was still a teenager living at home so I was able to afford it since I had been saving. The seller wanted $3,000 but was cool with $2,700 cash. Don’t think you could get one for that cheap any more. I remember driving it home for the first time, listening to the AM radio and Patsy Cline was playing. Such a perfect moment!

in early 1997 at age 18 with my new baby...

I was 18 or 19 in this shot...

Even though I have not always driven it as much as I should (it now costs an arm and a leg to fill it up) and it has to sit outside uncovered, this car has been really good to me. I have never had just one name for the Bird since it depends on what mood it is in. The few names I do have for it are Tiki Ti Bird since Tiki Ti is one of our favorite places in Hollywood, Chewbacca for when it gets low on power steering fluid and it sounds as if Chewbacca is trapped under the hood, and finally Christine for when things randomly start working again on their own as if the car is possessed (I really wish the power windows would start working again on their own as they did once before!). 

Like most people, the Bird does have a good side which is all I’m gonna show you in the photos. Unfortunately, the driver’s side paint is not looking so hot anymore and the vinyl top looks rather crap. One of these days I will get it repainted and the vinyl top replaced, mark my words! At least under the hood is in great shape. It has been in a couple of magazines (BUST, Garage) and Jalopnik did a bit on it a while back so it has had its few moments of fame. At one point I actually thought about selling it but realized that would be a HUGE mistake.
in a 2004 issue of BUST magazine

When Garage Magazine did a feature on the Radiator Hoes
in 2005 (I love my Hoes!)

 Some current detail photos...

Happy 16th anniversary Tiki Ti Bird Chewbacca Christine!


  1. What a great car and a great price you paid for her in the beginning. Happy Anniversary indeed.


    1. Thanks, Wendi! Don't think I could find my dream car for that price ever again. So glad I kept it. I cannot believe the thought to sell ever crossed my mind. A moment of insanity ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Hells! So bummed I am missing the movie Saturday...We could have been the Three Amigas seeing the Three Amigos!

      Hope to hang out again soon!