Friday, June 21, 2013

USS Hornet Museum

After all these years we finally made a visit to the USS Hornet Museum right here in Alameda. Commissioned in 1943 and the eighth ship to bear the name, the USS Hornet played a huge role in the Pacific during World War II. It also was involved in the Korean War, Vietnam, and recovering astronauts from the Apollo program after they came back to earth. Now it serves as a fantastic museum. Much of the ship is self-guided but there are certain areas that require a docent lead tour. We took two docent lead tours: the engine room and the gun tour. The docent who lead the engine room tour served on the ship during Vietnam and I think also for some of the Apollo recovery missions. He said on their way back to the states from the war the ship was filled with Honda 450 motorcycles they picked up while over there before they were available in the states. So cool! If you ever visit the museum, make sure to wear decent shoes. There is much climbing of steep stairs between levels. I would have had one hell of a time if I was not wearing flats. This is one place we will definitely go back and visit. We are so lucky to have such a place right here in town!

Get ready for a bunch of photos!

That's one tough looking hornet...

The hornet theme continues...

Mobile quarantine facility for Apollo 14.

They say the ship is haunted...

Sorry hun, I think the kitchen is closed.

Not the cosiest looking set of bunks.

These signs cracked me up...

Engine Room

The catapult that sends the planes on their way off the flight deck.

Anchors aweigh!
View of the city...

On the gun tour...

It was so windy up on the flight deck that 
we were getting pushed all over the place!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jitterbuggin Roseway Blouse

I have been admiring the clothing over at Jitterbuggin for what seems like an eternity, especially the Roseway 40s Retro Aviation Blouse.  It has airplanes on it!  Some of them also resemble the DC-3 which is one of my favorite planes.  I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at it but was never sure I would be able to wear it since it has sleeves (darn these blasted shoulders!).  Well, I could not take it anymore and had to know so I emailed to ask what the shoulder measurements were because I just had to have it.  So glad I did because it fits!  This is such a beautiful, well made piece.  I could not be happier.  

In addition, I want to say how helpful Kim was in our correspondence back and forth regarding the size of the shoulders.  She was so sweet and quick to get back to me and shipped it the same day.  I ordered it on a Saturday and got it on Monday since we are on the same coast.  Lightning fast!  Thanks to her I now have one of the most beautiful blouses I have ever owned.  I also really love the Bybee 40s Peasant Dress.  It is super adorable but sadly it appears the size I would probably need is sold out :-(

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

American Oak & Friday Night Whiskey Tastings

This past Friday we went to the first of what I hope is many whiskey tastings at America Oak here in Alameda. Angels' Envy Bourbon & Rye kicked off the series and was very tasty and definitely worth the $8. The tastings take place on the mezzanine which is perfect since you then get to watch over the hustle and bustle of the restaurant and bar down below. For those not familiar with the story, A.O. had a terrible fire last December and has just recently reopened. Finally an end to the A.O. withdrawals we have all been going through since that horrible event! They have done a beautiful job putting it back together and I just love the new touches and additions. What I assumed from a quick glance was wallpaper is actually hand painted and I was told by Melanie, one of the owners, that it had to be painted over two times. Someone very patient must have had that job! Some other items of note are the tables made of wood salvaged from the original floor and the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling made from whiskey bottles. This is one beautiful restaurant!



Our main reason for going here, besides the awesome staff, is the whiskey and cocktails, though of course their food is very good, too! They reopened with a revised cocktail menu that is fantastic. So far I have had the A.O. Old Fashioned and the Whiskey Fizz. The cocktails are always quite tasty and properly prepared and if you are a fan of whiskey, this is the place. The selection is fabulous! Of course we lean more towards the Scottish whisky area of the menu but have ventured out to try other regions such as High West from Utah. There are just so many to try it can be overwhelming trying to choose!

And now fore the tasting...

Some of our friends enjoying the tasting...

Well done American Oak! We are so happy to have you back!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Noir Writers on TCM in June

For you Film Noir fans out there…

Beginning last Friday evening and for the rest of June, Eddie Muller (the Czar of Noir!) is hosting the Friday Night Spotlight on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) focusing on noir writers. His name may ring a bell if you read my post about Cry Danger back in January. He is the founder and president of the Film Noir Foundation. Read more about him and the great work the foundation does on their website.

I recorded the four films shown last Friday focusing on Dashiell Hammett. I’ll be recording the rest of the films in the series as well so I can watch them all. If Eddie Muller is picking it, I know I am going to like it. I really enjoy his intros before the films and what he says after and have already learned so much. We actually see this guy around town sometimes so it is pretty exciting to see him at the grocery store one day and then on TCM another.

Check out the TCM website for more information and to read Muller’s write ups on each of the authors.

Below is the complete film listing for the 16 films of the Friday Night Spotlight in June. Enjoy!


Dashiell Hammett (films already shown June 7th)

- The Maltese Falcon (original 1931 version)
- City Streets
- After the Thin Man
- The Glass Key


David Goodis (June 14th)

- Dark Passage
- Nightfall
- The Burglar
- Shoot the Piano Player


Jonathan Latimer (June 21st)

- Nocturne
- They Won't Believe Me


James M. Cain (June 21st)

- Double Indemnity
- The Postman Always Rings Twice


Cornell Woolrich (June 28th)

- The Leopard Man
- Deadline at Dawn


Raymond Chandler (June 28th)

- Murder, My Sweet
- The Big Sleep

Friday, June 7, 2013

Aloha fun & one crazy pineapple!

Happy Friday everyone!  I seriously felt the weekend would never get here but it did!  Anyhow, our good friends recently had a tiki party at their place and we had a blast! I decided to bring a little something Charles Phoenix inspired for decoration and to eat. I hardly had any time to throw it together or reference the photos on his website so it is not as pretty as it should have been but it was my first one after all. His Flaming Astro Weenie Pineapple was the inspiration but since I am vegetarian, I ditched the weenies and unfortunately it was not flaming either. I can’t wait to try this again with more time on my hands. It’s perfect for me since I do not cook but love to spear fruit onto a another piece of fruit. Who doesn’t?

Oh so proud...

the lovely hostess and host...

I loved the matching set on Rick and Amy!

Mumu time with Heather and Jodi (not sure of the flamingos' names).

This little guy is so cool!

Jessica, Amy, myself, and Leah!

Ben and Zach's first beer collaboration

Scott was having his own contest for the most garnish.
Notice the pineapple eventually became a beer koozie...

Things got very serious later...

The original Charles Phoenix Flaming Astro Weenie Pineapple!
Check out the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen here!