Wednesday, June 12, 2013

American Oak & Friday Night Whiskey Tastings

This past Friday we went to the first of what I hope is many whiskey tastings at America Oak here in Alameda. Angels' Envy Bourbon & Rye kicked off the series and was very tasty and definitely worth the $8. The tastings take place on the mezzanine which is perfect since you then get to watch over the hustle and bustle of the restaurant and bar down below. For those not familiar with the story, A.O. had a terrible fire last December and has just recently reopened. Finally an end to the A.O. withdrawals we have all been going through since that horrible event! They have done a beautiful job putting it back together and I just love the new touches and additions. What I assumed from a quick glance was wallpaper is actually hand painted and I was told by Melanie, one of the owners, that it had to be painted over two times. Someone very patient must have had that job! Some other items of note are the tables made of wood salvaged from the original floor and the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling made from whiskey bottles. This is one beautiful restaurant!



Our main reason for going here, besides the awesome staff, is the whiskey and cocktails, though of course their food is very good, too! They reopened with a revised cocktail menu that is fantastic. So far I have had the A.O. Old Fashioned and the Whiskey Fizz. The cocktails are always quite tasty and properly prepared and if you are a fan of whiskey, this is the place. The selection is fabulous! Of course we lean more towards the Scottish whisky area of the menu but have ventured out to try other regions such as High West from Utah. There are just so many to try it can be overwhelming trying to choose!

And now fore the tasting...

Some of our friends enjoying the tasting...

Well done American Oak! We are so happy to have you back!

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  1. That is awesome! There's a cheese shop that holds cheese, wine, and meat tastings but they run about $40 per person. The shop has some great cheese but it's easier and cheaper to get a 5 items for $25. We did this once before and loved it.