Monday, June 10, 2013

Noir Writers on TCM in June

For you Film Noir fans out there…

Beginning last Friday evening and for the rest of June, Eddie Muller (the Czar of Noir!) is hosting the Friday Night Spotlight on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) focusing on noir writers. His name may ring a bell if you read my post about Cry Danger back in January. He is the founder and president of the Film Noir Foundation. Read more about him and the great work the foundation does on their website.

I recorded the four films shown last Friday focusing on Dashiell Hammett. I’ll be recording the rest of the films in the series as well so I can watch them all. If Eddie Muller is picking it, I know I am going to like it. I really enjoy his intros before the films and what he says after and have already learned so much. We actually see this guy around town sometimes so it is pretty exciting to see him at the grocery store one day and then on TCM another.

Check out the TCM website for more information and to read Muller’s write ups on each of the authors.

Below is the complete film listing for the 16 films of the Friday Night Spotlight in June. Enjoy!


Dashiell Hammett (films already shown June 7th)

- The Maltese Falcon (original 1931 version)
- City Streets
- After the Thin Man
- The Glass Key


David Goodis (June 14th)

- Dark Passage
- Nightfall
- The Burglar
- Shoot the Piano Player


Jonathan Latimer (June 21st)

- Nocturne
- They Won't Believe Me


James M. Cain (June 21st)

- Double Indemnity
- The Postman Always Rings Twice


Cornell Woolrich (June 28th)

- The Leopard Man
- Deadline at Dawn


Raymond Chandler (June 28th)

- Murder, My Sweet
- The Big Sleep


  1. Dark Passage is such a great movie. I love the point-of-view filming technique. I have it saved on the DVR.

    1. Yay! Can't wait to watch it! What would we do without DVRs these days??? ;-)

  2. I love TCM! It's the one thing I truly miss about not having cable.