Monday, July 15, 2013

Celebrating the 4th, Alameda style!

I just love 4th of July in Alameda! The past two years I was in the parade as a sailor on the Swell Bar float but since there was no float this year, I got to watch the parade. Love the small town feel it has. My absolute favorite part is all of the Mexican restaurants and their floats, usually consisting of a mariachi band and a ton of people on horseback. There were so many beautiful horses and costumes this year. Way more than I remember from years past. The other major highlight is the helicopter that does a flyby low along the parade route.

Of course I was dressed in red, white, and blue. I forgot to have Ben snap a photo of the entire outfit but you can see that I am wearing my Nudeedudee sailor top. I cannot say enough great things about Nudeedudee and the two tops I have bought (besides this one, there is the other I mentioned in a previous post and a third one on the way once it is made!). I continued the patriotic theme the next evening when we had a date night and I wore my Jitterbuggin’ Roseway blouse for the first time. I managed to create quite a few Jitterbuggin’ fans that evening! The ladies were loving the blouse!


So adorable!

One of the Golden State Warriors I think...

This car insurance float cracked us up with the car 
crashed through into the make shift living room...

Don't all 4th of July parades have a vintage hearse?
Got to represent the local mortuary...

Friday evening outfit...
Skirt: Years ago off eBay???
Shoes: Aldo
Bakelite earrings and bangles


  1. Bay Area parades always have the best vintage cars to show off! Love the pictures!

    Hellcat Vintage

    1. Thanks, Deborah! There sure were some real beauties in the parade. Looking forward to the annual Park Street Car Show coming up in the fall here in Alameda!

  2. Aww you two look great! I love small town parades. I love watching the Charros and floats. People really enjoy showmanship.

    In my hometown we used to have people from all over Southern California participate in it. It was really something until some crazy old lady came in and started making changes that didn't need to be changed. It was so bad that the parade was a third of it's normal size. It went from 150+ entries to like less than 50. The whole town was upset. She caused them to lose a lot of income because of her rules.

    1. Thanks, Mariela! I was happy he went with the patriotic theme so we actually matched! ;-)

      That's so sad about what happened to your hometown parade. Too bad that crazy lady came in and ruined it. Maybe one year it will be back to what it once was!

  3. All those cars are soooo beautiful!!! You looks great. I love the last outfit. I want the Lobster 2 piece swimsuit that Jitterbug just came out with!

    1. I LOVE that lobster two piece! So perfect! I'll be seeing you soon for some tiki madness! ;-)