Monday, July 1, 2013

Outfit post and latest Bakelite finds…

This past Friday Ben took me to the city for dinner and drinks. We love Sodini’s in North Beach and had a wonderful dinner there. We then were planning on drinks at Tosca but it was closed! Apparently Tosca has been taken over and is undergoing renovations. We are heartbroken and very nervous about what is being done to the place. I hope the décor remains the same and is not ruined. It has been preserved for so long! We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed until it reopens.

My date night outfit...

Top My Baby Jo
Skirt and Purse Juniper Tree Vintage
Hair flower Belle Blossoms
Shoes Mod Cloth

I am very excited about this latest Bakelite find since I have never seen anything like it...

It is damaged which is the only way I could possibly get it for just over $16 on eBay. There is a crack where one of the four little Lucite domes with the horse and rider is missing. Someday I can hopefully find a replacement for the missing piece but it really does not matter to me since I can keep the damaged side hidden. I do not mind if a piece has some damage as long as it is still wearable and super cheap. Hopefully the next time I make it back to the antique faire I can wear it and quiz the vendor I buy Bakelite from about it. The only info I found is that it might be German? No clue though.

I also purchased some Bakelite earrings from eBay recently (I kept away from eBay for so long but am hooked again!). I bought two pairs from the same seller for a very low price and she included a third pair for free! How great is that? So for $32 including shipping I got three pairs of Bakelite earrings. Not too shabby!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! I am so happy it is a short one with the 4th of July holiday. Hooray!


  1. Super cute outfit! Love the amazing unique bangle. And the earrings are too cool. Love the scalloped ones the best. I have a love/hate relationship with eBay. I love everything I find on there but hate I can't buy it all.

    1. Thanks, Mariela! The scalloped earrings are my favorite of the three as well! ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. I was pretty excited to have found it and felt totally justified to bid on it at such a low price! For once my bakelite obsession did not break the bank! ;-)

  3. Love your outfit! Everything about is just gorgeous! And that red bag! I may have to steal that! JK! :)

    I have never seen a bangle like that! What a find! I, too, have a few bangles that are not perfect and that is okay with me. I will give them a "once over" every now and again just to be sure nothing is detrimental to the structure overall. And that big carved red bangle is beautiful! Love the earrings too!! I just got a green end-of-day pair on Etsy that I have been wearing a lot lately. I now want more! (Typical me! LOL)

    Again, great post!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Tara! Funny enough, one of the handles on the purse came apart right after the photo! Thankfully it was easily glued back together. ;-)

  4. That really is a striking, wonderfully unique piece. I've seen a few Bakelite bangles with embedded or attached items on them over the years, but never another one quite like this. Stellar find - and for sure a bargain, too! It really sounds like you're a vintage deal hunting gal after my own heart.

    ♥ Jessica