Monday, July 29, 2013

Southern California Adventure Part I: Union Station, Olvera Street, Tiki Ti!

Anyone who knows us or has been following this blog knows how much we love to make trips down to the Los Feliz and Hollywood area at least once a year. This past weekend we just made our second trip of the year (posts on our last trip in February can be found here and here)! This is the first time we did not drive and instead flew into Burbank. So convenient! I was excited as always to head down that way but even more so since this time, besides having some new places to visit, I was going to get to finally meet Missy from Technicolor Cutie!

Just before we left the gloomy July morning at home...

Our first stop after picking up our car was Union Station and Olvera Street.  I have spent my whole life taking trips down to LA since I used to have loads of family there but never knew about these two amazing destinations until reading about them in a post on Incendiary Blonde's blog.  I will forever be grateful to her for that since we enjoyed both places so much!  Union Station is beyond gorgeous and I wanted to buy everything I saw on Calle Olvera!  Of course I wanted some tooled leather wedges but it turns out they do not make them large enough for me.  I did speak to a woman who said they were trying to get size 10 since so many customers ask for them.  Hopefully by the next time I visit!

Union Station in all its glory...

Beautiful, historic Olvera Street...

Lunch at El Paseo Inn on Olvera Street...

How could I not get a snap of the wiener mobile?

After checking in to the motel it was on to Tiki Ti to meet Missy!

With the adorable and sweet Missy from Technicolor Cutie! She is such a talented seamstress and made the outfit she is wearing here.  I hope I can learn to sew like that one of these days!  Such a joy to finally meet her!

After leaving Tiki Ti we headed to El Cid for some tapas on the patio.  We really want to check out the flamenco show one of these days!
We ended the evening at The Dresden to catch some Marty and Elayne.  These two never get old no matter how many times we see them perform!

Well, that's it for day one.  Stay tuned for day two with a shopping spree at the Miss L Fire boutique that just opened in Los Feliz and an amazing Carlos Mejuto show at Viva Cantina with Missy and Chelsea!


  1. I LOVE LA. Too bad my husband doesn't. Chinatown and Little Tokyo are near by too. There is so much to see in that area.

    Love your skirt and blouse. I'm glad you got to meet Missy. I love reading her blog. She seems like such a nice person.

    1. It was such fun to finally meet a fellow blogger! We loved our bit of exploration of downtown LA but definitely need to head back to check out China Town and Little Tokyo! There just was not enough time!

  2. Oh yay! I'm glad that I could help provide you with some new ideas of places to visit! :) I loved Union Station, it is so spectacular, but probably not somewhere that people would necessarily think to visit.

    Missy is a sweetheart - I love blogger meet-up posts! :)

    I saw a picture of you on the Miss L Fire Instagram page - I shall look forward to your next post!

    1. Thank you again for the intro to Union Station and Olvera Street! If only I could have found those tooled leather wedges in my size! It was so fabulous to meet Missy. So looking forward to meeting you at Rhythm Riot!

      That was fun to get to have my shopping extravaganza pop up on the Miss L Fire Instagram page! What a great time! Now I am getting super into Instagram myself ;-)