Monday, August 26, 2013

Vintage Sweater Obsession

As of late, among other things, I have been on the lookout for vintage sweaters with either short sleeves or ¾ sleeves. Guess I better learn to knit if I want that lovely green number pictured above! I love sweaters but tend to get warm very easily so this is the best of both worlds. I am so excited about a few that I have purchased a little while ago from both Etsy and Endangered Clothing. I can't wait to wear them all once it cools down.

The first one here I purchased off of Etsy and it is like new. The color is beautiful and I love the crisscross detail on the front.

I could not, for the life of me, capture the color accurately.
Our place has THE worst lighting!

The last two I purchased from
Endangered Clothing. They carry some really great items. Though one is dead stock with the tag still attached, both are in fabulous condition! I was trying to resist buying anything at the time I found these but I could not help myself, especially since they are both cashmere and made by Lennox of Loch Lomond in Scotland. I am a sucker for anything Scottish.

Now can summer be over so I can wear them?!?!  I think these will come in very handy while in the UK this November for the Rhythm Riot which is only 81 days away!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The wonder of iron-on mending fabric!

This is probably not new to many people but I was so excited it worked so I wanted to share!  A year and a half or so ago I bought this amazing vintage bolero with scenes of London on it. Perfect! But then I wore it for all of an hour at Viva Las Vegas in 2012 and it ripped. I was very sad about it and thought there was no way to repair it since it was not on the seam. Then I bought a dress off of etsy that came with a bit of iron-on mending fabric on it where the material was a bit shredded and I realized there was hope for my London bolero after all! Thankfully the bolero is made of cotton so it can withstand the heat needed for this process since many things I have would not be tough enough to take it. 

close up of the awesome fabric (I would kill to have a skirt made of this!)

before...the devastating rip through London scenery...

had to place paper underneath so I did not glue it to my ironing board...

cut out and ready to iron...


Though of course you can still see where the tear is, you would have to look really close and make me lift my arm which I do not plan on doing ever again while wearing this bolero!

Now that I have a sewing machine and just figured out how to use it, well...kind of, I hope to do more than just mend things and actually create something (other than curtains) for once! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Southern California Adventure Part II: Miss L Fire and Viva Cantina!

And in conclusion...

 A very happy customer!

Day one of our trip was full of so much fun and yet we still had one more day to go! I had been drooling over photos of the new Miss L Fire boutique in the great posts on both Technicolor Cutie as well as The Glamorous Housewife. I saved my whole shopping budget for Miss L Fire and it is a good thing I did! The shop is everything I hoped it would be! Basically, I wanted to purchase the entire store. Though I did not, I still left with quite a lot and considered it an early birthday gift to myself. Still cannot believe the timing of their new store opening and our trip down that way. Now I know my shoe size there which is going to be dangerous! Thankfully, I was told by the lovely store manager Jocelyn that they will have a US site up soon so we American ladies can order stateside and not have to pay the shipping charges from the UK. Hooray!

So pretty...

Lovely store manager Jocelyn!

Mexicali, Sundae, & Lana!  All extremely comfortable!

After my shopping extravaganza, we had lunch, dropped off my Miss L Fire loot, then wandered around a bit before hitting Tiki Ti once more and having dinner at El Chavo next door. Then it was off to get changed for the night since we were going to see Carlos Mejuto (of Carlos and the Bandidos fame) at Viva Cantina in Burbank! Still amazed that coincidentally one if my absolute favorite singers was performing while we were down there. So lucky! I was also so happy to get to hang out some more with Missy from Technicolor Cutie and to meet Chelsea as well! Fabulous ladies!  Super excited to hang with them some more at Viva next year!  The Reverend Martini put on the show and it was fantastic! So much fun!

One more round at Tiki Ti...

Outfit for the evening...

Me, Missy, & Chelsea!

Too cute!


Reverend Martini!

Strolling action shot of Chelsea and I.  And's Dollie from The Rockabilly Socialite! Only met her very briefly before we left.

One last shot before the night was sadly over.  
You should have seen Missy's amazing bolero she made with a matador and bull!

As has become somewhat of a tradition, we had brunch Sunday on the patio at the Cat and Fiddle on Sunset before heading to the airport to go home. It is always difficult to head back home but was not quite as bad this time since we did not have to drive. Flying is so convenient! If only it was not so much more expensive. Already thinking about what to do the next time we are Hollywood bound!

Love randomly seeing film crews about...

Mimosa at the Cat and Fiddle...

Now on to planning our England trip.  Rhythm Riot here we come!!