Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Southern California Adventure Part II: Miss L Fire and Viva Cantina!

And in conclusion...

 A very happy customer!

Day one of our trip was full of so much fun and yet we still had one more day to go! I had been drooling over photos of the new Miss L Fire boutique in the great posts on both Technicolor Cutie as well as The Glamorous Housewife. I saved my whole shopping budget for Miss L Fire and it is a good thing I did! The shop is everything I hoped it would be! Basically, I wanted to purchase the entire store. Though I did not, I still left with quite a lot and considered it an early birthday gift to myself. Still cannot believe the timing of their new store opening and our trip down that way. Now I know my shoe size there which is going to be dangerous! Thankfully, I was told by the lovely store manager Jocelyn that they will have a US site up soon so we American ladies can order stateside and not have to pay the shipping charges from the UK. Hooray!

So pretty...

Lovely store manager Jocelyn!

Mexicali, Sundae, & Lana!  All extremely comfortable!

After my shopping extravaganza, we had lunch, dropped off my Miss L Fire loot, then wandered around a bit before hitting Tiki Ti once more and having dinner at El Chavo next door. Then it was off to get changed for the night since we were going to see Carlos Mejuto (of Carlos and the Bandidos fame) at Viva Cantina in Burbank! Still amazed that coincidentally one if my absolute favorite singers was performing while we were down there. So lucky! I was also so happy to get to hang out some more with Missy from Technicolor Cutie and to meet Chelsea as well! Fabulous ladies!  Super excited to hang with them some more at Viva next year!  The Reverend Martini put on the show and it was fantastic! So much fun!

One more round at Tiki Ti...

Outfit for the evening...

Me, Missy, & Chelsea!

Too cute!


Reverend Martini!

Strolling action shot of Chelsea and I.  And look...it's Dollie from The Rockabilly Socialite! Only met her very briefly before we left.

One last shot before the night was sadly over.  
You should have seen Missy's amazing bolero she made with a matador and bull!

As has become somewhat of a tradition, we had brunch Sunday on the patio at the Cat and Fiddle on Sunset before heading to the airport to go home. It is always difficult to head back home but was not quite as bad this time since we did not have to drive. Flying is so convenient! If only it was not so much more expensive. Already thinking about what to do the next time we are Hollywood bound!

Love randomly seeing film crews about...

Mimosa at the Cat and Fiddle...

Now on to planning our England trip.  Rhythm Riot here we come!!


  1. Wow what a great wrap up to your trip. I really want to go to Miss L Fire. I'll have to save all of my pennies though.Love your Mexican skirt. Oh and the shoes you picked are gorgeous! I miss LA.

    Do you up to what size their shoes go up to? I have wide feet I need at least a half size up. Makes buying shoes without trying them on really hard.

    1. Yes, start saving those pennies!

      I wear a size 10 and bought size 41 in these open toe styles and they fit perfectly. My feet are of an average width. I believe they may go up to 42 in some styles.

      At least eventually they will be shipping from their US location so if you do need to make a return it won't completely break the bank! ;-)

  2. This looks like a super fun trip, and so nice that you got to meet up with Missy and Chelsea...I can't wait til you get to the UK!!!! :)

    1. I am so excited for our November trip I can hardly stand it! And we'll be in London for 6 nights after RR! So looking forward to meeting you!

      I keep wondering how on earth I will manage to pack only one suitcase since we are squeezing a weekender in (which requires more than a few outfits!) but I know it must be possible since you UK ladies manage to do it for Viva! ;-)

  3. I'm dying over your skirt. Man, there are so many stores in LA that I'd like to visit. I'll go seriously broke next time I'm there.

    1. There were so many more shops I wanted to visit but my shopping budget was all blown on those shoes ;-) Better start saving for next time!

  4. That skirt is amazing! I bet your day just went like a whirlwind. How fun to meet up with such great bloggers! Gosh all those great shoes! How lucky to shop at such an amazing store! I just bought a few pairs off of Amazon on sale so I was so happy to find these.

    1. Thanks, Joanna! That skirt is definitely one of my most favorite pieces. Bought it years ago off eBay and have gotten so much use out of it!

      Yes, that trip did indeed go by way too fast! So much fun! Can't wait until my next visit ;-)