Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Niles, Antiques, and Tyme for Tea!

If you have not heard of Niles, think Charlie Chaplin, Broncho Billy Anderson, silent movies and you have it! It is a historic part of Fremont, California, known for its film history and a fair amount of antique stores. Niles was home to one of the first West Coast movie companies. You can even see Niles spelled out in giant letters on the hillside in the spirit of the Hollywood Sign. Thankfully places such as the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum keep the history alive. We attended a silent film there once accompanied by a live pianist and it was great fun.

Recently I had the idea of going with my mom there for a day of shopping as well as having tea at Tyme for Tea, an antique store that also serves a three course tea service. Tea and shopping...yes please!

I'll get my outfit out of the way first!

Shoes: Miss L Fire
...and Bakelite!

A bit of shopping before tea...

If this was a '65 it would have gone home with me! 
I love the '63 as well though...

So many beautiful lady head vases but oh so expensive!

Picked up a few gems that had to come home with me.  
This little confetti Lucite pill box to start...

Been wanting a bag like this and it is in perfect shape!

 And the winner of the day... this Elgin compact, hardly used, with a scene of Hollywood on it!  How could this not go home with me?!  Thanks mom!


We had such a nice time and will have to this together again some day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weekend fun... Original Joe's and The Bellfuries!

Confession:  I've been getting a bit lazy with blogging lately since I finally got into Instagram and have been enjoying it a bit too much.  So much for my once a week posting habit.  We have quite a bit coming up so I am going to try to be better about the blog.  Now, on to my post! 

Had a fabulous time this past weekend in San Jose. Our main reason for going there was to catch The Bellfuries at the Blank Club but since it was the weekend before our wedding anniversary, I decided to splurge and book us a room at the Hotel de Anza as well. We started Saturday with lunch at Original Joe’s. Though it has been extensively remodeled since the 1950s, it still has a good feel to it and I love the façade. It was a bit distracting that we could hear football fans yelling at the multiple TVs showing sports from the bar area but it was not enough to ruin our time. Great food and service!

 Little outfit detail...

Approaching the Hotel de Anza...

Brought a little bubbly for our anniversary...

Got to visit with two of my closest friends who were also in our wedding, Stacy and Jen! Then we headed to San Pedro Square Market to sample some fine beer at the Market Beer Co. It was a Dogfish Head tap takeover so we tried a couple of those.
With Jen at Cinebar...

Market Beer Co.

So many choices...

The it was back to the hotel for a quick outfit change, dinner at La Victoria down the street, then off to the Blank for the Bellfuries! They were amazing as always! Everyone was singing along and having such a great time. We actually saw them at the same club over 10 years ago. We’ll never forget that show. They were supposed to play with Carlos and the Bandidos but Carlos had to cancel so the Bellfuries did two sets. That night they instantly became one of our very favorites. They have a new 45 out that I did not get a chance to buy at the gig but will have to track down for sure!

this photo and more from the show here

Managed to catch Kim from The Kim Show's fabulous purse in this photo...

Thanks San Jose for an excellent Saturday!

Back to San Jose this Friday to catch the Swingin' Utters at the Blank Club. Super excited for another show that is guaranteed to be great!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Latest Miss L Fire purchase...US site is up and running!

Believe it or not, I have actually cut back a bit on shopping recently. I felt I was doing pretty good, then I find out last week Miss L Fire’s US / Canada website is up and running and a sale is on. I could not resist and bought the one pair (out of four) I tried on but passed up when I was visiting their Hollywood boutique in late July (learn more about that visit here). It was hard to leave them behind but now they are where they belong! I saw a preview of the Autumn / Winter line when I was there and am very much looking forward to its release. I better start saving now!

Even the packaging for shipment is customized Miss L Fire...

Bandana print tissue paper and a handwritten thank you note...
Miss L Fire does not miss a detail!

Ta da!  My new Norma wedges in Red Mexi...

I’ve been down with the flu the last couple of days and was not looking forward to trying to make it through an entire day of work today but felt just a bit better when I got into the office this morning to see these waiting for me. Hmmm…perhaps that means when I am not feeling well I should buy shoes? Yes, that must be it. Shoes are the cure!

So head on over to the Miss L Fire site and take advantage of the sale!