Monday, October 21, 2013

Vintage Fashion Faire at Rock Wall

This past weekend was the Vintage Fashion Faire here in Alameda at the Rock Wall Wine Company. Friday evening was the preview party and early buy which is when my pal Jodi and I went. There was wine, food, a Halloween costume contest, and fantastic music by the West Coast Ramblers. We just had a glass of wine and stuck to white since we both were terrified of spilling red wine on any of the clothing. I watched so many people as they juggled their bags and wine while shopping. If I was a vendor I would have been having a heart attack! Hopefully there were no disasters.
Looks like a ghost snuck in this shot...spooky...

Had the pleasure of meeting fellow bloggers / Instagram buddies Mary and Tina
Mary won second place in the costume contest!

Super cool signs done by Golden West Sign Arts

Little Bakelite detail to match my Cover Girl of Miami dress

I ended up buying just two items, both from Julie of Fab Gabs. I have admired her shop on Etsy for ages now so it was great to finally browse her items in person. So many beautiful things! She also had a display case with items from Brighter Bakelite so I got to check out some pieces and talk with her about the process of Bakelite restoration. There were some real amazing pieces in colors I have never seen or knew existed!

Skirt & Dress from Fab Gabs!

Love these buttons!

 Another of my favorite vendors was there as well, Christina of Skirt Chaser Vintage based out of Santa Rosa. I really need to make it up to her shop one of these days! She really has some of the best prices. I sadly did not fit the dress I tried form her but my friend bought an awesome rooster shirt for her husband!
Ended Friday night with a little Jinx Jones 
for free at Speisekammer...

I behaved and did not return for more shopping Saturday but did return for some wine! Since there was a wedding being set up for where the wine and tastings are typically served, we got to check out inside where the production area is. So cool to get to see all the action!

They found this painting behind a dumpster when checking out this location for
the winery and saved it.  How cool are the half naked, wine making ladies...

I was still in a shopping mood Sunday so I stopped at a couple of places on Park Street here in town and got lucky with a beautiful Paul Sachs Original blouse! I am really trying to focus more on separates rather than always heading directly for the dresses so this made my day when I found it.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hot Rod Magazines

Years ago I bought these great little hot rod magazines dating from 1959 and 1960.  I am not sure I ever really combed through them carefully until recently. There is some great stuff in these! One of my favorites is a small add for Ed Roth shirts. Just $1.98 back then. Then there is the girlie spread in the issue of Sparkin’ which includes a Jayne Mansfield shot. There are tips on customizing your car on the cheap and an article dedicated to the best California customized hot rods. So much fun! If only some of those hot rod photos were in color…